Was Bruised Really Worth the Wait?

Long awaited Bruised is now streaming on Netflix



Netflix’s newest release “Bruised” film cover is very eye-appealing.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff writer

Netflix’s newest movie release Bruised isn’t getting as many viewers and interest ratings as intended. Bruised was released on September 20th of 2020, at Toronto International Film Festival. Due to COVID-19, Bruised wasn’t released in the United States until November 17th of 2021 but wasn’t released on Netflix until November 24th. Bruised is a sports drama filled with a splendid amount of drama and mystery. While the tomato-meter is tremendously low, the film still has many positive reviews.

Academy Award for Best Actress, Halle Berry stars in Bruised as the main character “Jackie Justice” as well as directing and producing the film. Bruised wasn’t as impressive to viewers as the title was set to be, but Berry’s debut impressed viewers on the front screen and on the directorial side. 

A story of a fighter who regains her power in and out of the ring, when everyone had doubts. Jackie Justice, an MMA fighter who leaves the sport because of discouragement starts paving a road for redemption and courage in the cage, after living in rage and fear Jackie finds herself being noticed by a fighting league promoter who promises Jackie a life back in the cage. But unexpectedly her son she gave up as an infant shows up at her doorstep and creates a challenge to her road of redemption. The film is rated R as it contains Violence, Nudity/Sexual Content, and Vulgar Language. 

The film’s storyline and build-up was spectacular. The relationships that were built up, the relationships that broke, the friendships that were made, the mother-son relationship, Jackie’s recognition. All created great characteristic features.

The graphics display was really good. The settings really matched the plot of the movie and each scene. You could really tell where she was from and her struggle of what was going on in her life. I really enjoyed the acting. I feel like overall the acting was really spot on. You could see the emotion and the intensity of scenes. The acting was never too much and never too little. It’s almost as if I could feel what was going on in the movie and I was in the film as well. 

I really enjoyed the movie. I really liked the beginning, middle, and end. I was interested in the movie the whole time. The movie is two hours long and I was really intrigued by the storyline and what was going on. I enjoyed the way she regained her empowerment and how she kept fighting for what’s right. Even though she had challenges like her son randomly appearing on her doorstep she still managed to create a life in and out of the cage. I don’t understand why others don’t enjoy this film.

Overall Bruised is a super good film. I definitely recommend having a movie night and watching it. Especially if you are interested in mystery in drama films. The film is definitely entertaining, fresh, and enjoyable.