Warriors to Experience Both Sides of the Fence

Joe Rebel, Staff Writer

Frederick Football Coach Kris Keith greeted 31 potential players for this year’s 1986 Warrior football team. Among this group there are nine seniors with four lettermen, six juniors with two lettermen, nine sophomores with one letterman, and seven freshmen. The lack of numbers will cause many of the players to go both ways on offense and defense, hence the players will have to be in top condition, to last an entire game. The Warriors face the usual tough schedule with a Valley team loaded for bear, a Fort Lupton team that could go all the way, another toughie in Berthoud, and a dark horse in Weld Central. The Warriors had scrimmage sessions with the Lyons team last Saturday night, and another session with Niwot at Longmont, last Tuesday night. In this type of scrimmage, each team runs about 30 to 40 plays, thus enabling the coaching staff to observe the players under game conditions. ​Terry Witty is a newcomer to the coaching staff, replacing Tim Walker as Line Coach. Terry has coached at La Junta and Platte Valley schools. Scott Weaver will return as an offensive coach. The players that have impressed the coaching staff, and should in turn be the make-up of the 1986 Warrior Football Team, are as follows:

  • Corey Miller – Sr. 5:11, 170: Will play Tight End on offense and defensive end – Good hands and can catch the ball – strong on defense and will do a good job.
  • Ralph Ciaravola – Sr. 6:00, 195: Tight tackle on offense, and defensive tackle – Leadership role – honorable mention All-Conference last year – steady player and will get plenty of playing time both ways.
  • Roberto Moreno – Sr. 5:10, 165: Tight guard on offense and linebacker on defense – new on offense – good competitor.
  • David McDonald – Soph. 5:7, 170: Center on offense and defensive tackle – in his first year – has good speed and is a tough kid.
  • Jarrod Tracy – Jr. 5:10, 165: split guard on offense and nose guard on defense – in his first year with toughness and aggressiveness.
  • Mike Ciaravola – Jr. 6:31/2, 175: Split tackle on offense and defensive tackle – Good quickness and had best technique on blocking.
  • Roger Dufour – Sr. 5:11, 155: Split end on offense and corner back on defense – was injured part of last year – good hands and runs good pass patterns – good team leader.
  • Billy Brenton – Sr. 5:9, 150: Slot Back on offense and strong safety on defense – First year – good speed and good hands – very aggressive as defensive back.
  • John Edwards – Jr. 5:10, 170 – offensive fullback and defensive end – good hard runner – good blocker – all round good player.
  • Anthony Martinez – Sr. 5:7, 145 – offensive tailback – free safety on defense – good quickness and lots of determination.
  • Vincent Shale – 5:9, 160 – Offensive tailback and corner back on defense – tough kid with great speed.
  • Jeff McDonald – Sr. 5:8, 140 – Tailback on offense and free safety on defense – good speed and hands.
  • Brent Crispin – Soph. 6:00, 170 – Quarter-back on offense and free safety and defensive end – strong arm, and good composure – needs to gain confidence.
  • Joey Swanson – Fresh. 5:6, 140 – Tailback and slotback on offense – Defensive Linebacker – lots of heart and loves the game.
  • Sal Espandola – Soph. 5:6, 135 – Wrestler in the off season – center and guard on offense – nose guard on defense – good quickness.
  • Tony Pfeffer – Sr. 5:8, 140 – Split end on offense and defensive back – good hands – impressed in practice.
  • Russ Jackson – Soph. 5:6, 145 – Either offensive guard positions and defensive linebacker – very aggressive.
  • Alain Breza – Fresh. 5:6, 140 – Running back and defensive linebacker – Likes game and has good composure.