We’re Finally Back!

On Monday, March 1, FHS’s rowdy crowd got a look inside a sporting event for the first time in over a year as they went and supported their boys and girls basketball teams.


Evelyn Arroyo

A mix of Fredericks juniors and seniors at the Frederick vs. Severance basketball game on March 1st.

George Murnock, Staff Writer

50 seniors at Frederick High School finally got a fun activity that they have all been waiting for. During the last week of February, FHS sent out an announcement in regards to an upcoming basketball game saying that they were allowing 50 seniors to sign up for a chance to get a ticket to the game on March 1st. Many seniors were extremely excited and signed up right away. Rumors around the school started spreading like wildfire, were we going to have a rowdy crowd? Are we going to have to space out?

Luckily for juniors, not enough seniors had signed up for the game so there was about fifteen extra tickets leftover that were given to juniors. When game day finally came you could feel the excitement in the school. All students who signed up had to be there between 4:30 p.m.. to 5 p.m. or they weren’t going to be allowed in. On top of that each student at the game needed to stay for both games as the rowdy crowd was replacing the spots of parents at the game.

Students started to pile in around 4:45 p.m. when they got into the gym and had to be six feet apart from each other on the bleachers, there were little pieces of tape spaced out where we were supposed to stand to help guide us and keep us safe. The admin and Mr. Young did a great job of making sure that everyone was spaced out accordingly and that everyone had their masks on. It was amazing feeling the energy of being back in the school while supporting our girls and boys basketball team.

The girl’s game was very intense all four quarters, it was constantly back and forth. As the game progressed Frederick was taking the lead and we were almost certain we were going to go home with the win, however, Severance quickly turned the game around in the last quarter and ended up winning the game. This loss, however, didn’t stop the team from celebrating one of its most exciting moments as Frederick’s own junior Jadyn Glasglow nailed a half-court beater buzzer shot right at halftime. which had the rowdy crowd, teammates, and even Mr. Young jumping around in pure excitement.

The boy’s game started at around 7, the rowdy crowd was a little exhausted but still in high spirits for the first boy’s basketball game that they have seen in over a year. Severance started out six points ahead in the first five minutes of the game. However, Frederick turned it around very quickly while holding the lead for the rest of the game. The game was very competitive and there was a lot of tension and excitement in the air.

All in all the boys and girls basketball games were extremely refreshing for seniors and juniors as we really missed these sporting events. It was really nice to be back in the rowdy crowd and being able to do cheers like, Do It, We Are Frederick, You Can’t Do That, We Can’t Hear You, etc. We would like to give a huge thanks to Seniors Grace Stephenson and Kenna Tarnowski for helping make this happen along with our principal Mr. Young and athletic director Ty Gordon. If there’s one thing that’s known now it’s that we’re all hoping that occasions like these can happen again in the future.