BREAKING NEWS: January Will Bring a Mix of Online and Hybrid Learning for FHS


Owen Etter

In this edited screen shot of an Apple calendar, the green circled day is when we’ll come back to online learning and back from break as a whole. The red circled date is when students will be returning to hybrid.

Sarah Hayes, Staff Editor

As we enter winter break, there’s still one big question: What’s next? Well, this week it was announced that we are going into a staggered hybrid schedule. 

It’s set up the same as the hybrid schedule from before, except students will be entering the hybrid schedule at different dates depending on their grade level. 

Elementary and Preschool students will go back to their full-time schedules starting Wednesday, January 6th, which is also the first day back from break. Middle school and high school will be online. 

Middle school students will be back in the building in a hybrid model on the 11th later in the month, with high school students following on the 19th. The 19th is a B-day.

The cohorts assigned to students for the first hybrid run will be the same, as well as the schedule.


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