Skiing With COVID-19

How will ski season look this year?


Shelene Thomas

Senior Conner Thomas all ready to ski in this year’s ski season.

Collin Thompson, Staff Writer

This week, Vail resorts have announced that reservations will be required to ski this year. For the last 9 months, COVID has been running rampant among the US population. And as ski season has arrived, more concerns about the spread of the virus have as well. In response to this, vail resorts have put in an order requiring skiers to wear a face covering at all times and only ride the lift with members of the same household. The resorts under these restrictions will be Winter Park, Vail, Copper, Loveland, and A-Basin.

This news also comes at a bad time for most people, among rumours of another lockdown. Most people are feeling very down already, but the fact that they may not be able to ski this year doesn’t make it any better. We at the Scout talked to several avid skiers at Frederick High, and they all felt about the same. “I really hope we can get a season but i’m not exactly sure. It sure would be nice and I think it would raise my spirits a lot.” Says Rylan Cram, 10th grader at Frederick.

These orders have outraged many skiers who were excited for ski season 2020. Many people feel as if these orders will take away much of their fun. “I want to ski with my friends. I get why they put in the orders, but I really think it takes away from the fun.” Says Tager Reed, an avid skier at Frederick High School. These concerns are shared by Devon Zadel who said “Ya man I mean friends are half the fun.” And when asked about the masks, he said, “It isn’t a big deal. I wear a balaclava most of the time anyway.” 

This is a feeling that many people are feeling, and are the same among all the skiers we talked to at the Scout. And if you’re planning on going skiing this year, make sure to follow the rules and stay safe.