Frederick Drama Gets into the Holiday Spirit

Frederick Theatre is hosting a live reading of A Christmas Carol on Dec. 22


Sarah Hayes

While there are many different versions of A Christmas Carol, the one adapted for this Frederick performance will be modern and fresh. The FHS theatre department would love for you to attend their live reading on December 22nd.

Owen Etter, Staff Writer

To anyone out of the loop, lots of different departments seem like they haven’t really been thriving as much during such an intense semester. The drama department however had been hard at work with all sorts of acting practice and workshops. Now, after lots of hard work and intense planning, the drama department is inviting the entire Frederick community to a staged reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

“Because of all the constant changes, we haven’t met all of our performance goals. But with the holiday season coming up, we wanted to try and bring some cheer and joy into your lives.” says thespian president Kayla Lorimer. 

This performance will take place on the 22nd of December at 6:45 pm and thankfully won’t feature some creepy animations of Jim Carry or unfamiliar faces. But instead, there will be tons of familiar faces from past performances and the voice talent of Mr. Brown, Mr. Coon, Kayla Lorimer, and many others to voice recognizable characters like Jacob Marley, Tiny Tim, and all three ghosts. 

Kayla went on to comment, “since we didn’t get to perform this past semester, a lot of people are super excited to participate and safely perform with their friends and colleagues that they’ve formed bonds with over the years.” 

While it’s a bit of a secret who will play Scrooge himself, the drama department has been planning this event for about a month now. This will be a traditional version of Dickens’ classic with the occasional reference to quarantining and COVID-19. 

Kayla wanted to give a final remark to anyone considering opening webex and attending: “We are really hoping people will enjoy this and make this crazy time a little less stressful. Any support is much much appreciated!”

To attend this reading, contact Mr. Coon or Kayla Lorimer for details on how to join the Webex.