ELECTION RESULTS: Presidency Too Close to Call

The 2020 Presidential Election could go on for days, maybe even weeks


Sarah Hayes

After long and combative months of campaigning, it’s unclear at this point if Joe Biden or Donald Trump won the 2020 election… Meaning we’re entering overtime into our divisive political season.

Chandler Hoel, Social Media Editor

The race is on, America and O, what a stressful time it is to be an American during an election year, especially this year’s election. It seems that on both sides of the spectrum the stakes have been extremely high. All of the build-up comes down to this day. Some cities have even boarded up windows and doors in case of riots after the election. The fact of the matter is: we will not completely know who will be our next president until Wednesday the 4th, maybe even later.  

The good news is that voting in Colorado has gone up 30% since the last election, which is good news considering deciding the president is the national duty of the people. Not only that, Colorado had the nation’s second highest voter turnout rate in the 2018 midterm election, according to the Denver7 news. The turnout nationwide has been unprecedented this year, and the nation is more divided than ever in choices. The race has been a close call, and either man has a chance at presidency. Colorado voted blue in the presidential election. 

As for state elections, we are the first state to vote on the proposals of propositions 113 (joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, NPVIC), 118 (whether to enact a paid medical and family leave program), and 114 (to reintroduce wolves into the state). All three were approved by the Colorado population. The Senator race included mainly Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper, as well as six others. Colorado chose Democrat John Hickenlooper.

The main take away from the election thus far is President Trump’s statement he made around 11:00 p.m.. He made a very strong statement, saying the election has already been won by the Trump administration, when this is just not true. This is important because there are still millions of votes that haven’t yet been counted, that he has essentially denounced. He wanted to not count the votes that did not come in on election day, which would undermine millions of American’s vote. It stunned many people on both sides of the spectrum and was described by Trump ally, Chris Christie, as a bad choice on the president’s part. It’s not easy, to say the least, to hear the President say he won’t peacefully pass on power if that were to happen, and for him to imply a victory that he has not yet had. This is the first time a candidate has claimed victory so early in a race. The issue at hand is that he can call on the Supreme Court to not count the votes that are, what he is calling, fraud. He will more likely push for lawsuits if the results are close. There are no signs of fraud on either side, and all votes are 100% valid, as they should be. The question is: is it fraud only if he loses? 

Republicans mainly have filed multiple law suits in multiple states on the matter of voting and late counting. Many senate elections in states like Georgia will be runoff elections. So, as you can tell this election is far from over. Tonight was more “the 2020 expectations” rather than “the 2020 election.”

The remainder of the votes will be counted early tomorrow, around 8 a.m.. Be patient, it seems that this election will not be over until inauguration in January. This election is the icing on the cake that is 2020. Forever confusing and never ending.