QuaranTEEN: Episode Two


Kayla Lorimer

The Frederick Scout has partnered with the Frederick Theatre Department to produce QuaranTEEN, a new podcast about teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic by teenagers dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. The podcast is produced almost entirely by students recording their lines remotely and editing the final podcast themselves.

In this episode, a teenage girl named Allison is thriving despite the pandemic until a car accident derails her life. Allison’s friend gives her the opportunity to get a new car, but will Allison be able to do what’s necessary to get her new car? The second story features Ben Hughes, a lazy gamer who suddenly finds himself in charge of a spunky nine-year-old girl. Will Ben rise to the challenge of babysitting, or will the little girl get the better of him?



QuaranTEEN Episode Two

Narrated by Jaime Gagnon, junior

Directed by Emily Ferguson

Audio produced and edited by Will Greiner, sophomore

Original music by Mr. Kyle Liss

Series created by Brandon Coon


Story One: “Fixing the Problem,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Allison Osgood: Lauryn Bailey, senior
  • Lindsey: Rylee Lorimer, freshman
  • Uncle Wayne: Mr. Gary Doss

Story Two: “Can’t Stand Sitting,” written by Brandon Coon

  • Ben Hughes: Will Greiner, sophomore
  • Chris: Ethan Noyes, freshman
  • Liberty: Giada DeJulio, freshman
  • Ron: Thomas Beeker, sophomore