Unmasking Season 3 of Fox’s Hit Show

Season three of The Masked Singer is back and better than ever


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Season 3 of The Masked Singer stuns audiences with wide array of new costuming and songs that will bring the audience to tears, along with the edge of their seat.

Elicia Ramu, Editor

This new American reality singing competition is fun-filled and touches on everyone’s mindset skills. Using clues and the audience’s knowledge of famous people to figure out which famous celebrity is singing behind the mask. The clue packages are full of detail, so the audience must pay close attention because the views are only shown once. Before each performance, clues will be revealed about the characters’ past along with who they might be. Although most people will stereotype a typical contestant’s voice to sound professional this show steers off that path. Each contestant is famous, but that doesn’t mean they all come from a music background. These people range from professional athletes to actors who you would have never known could sing. Somebody you may never have fathomed could be the one holding the microphone. This show will always leave the viewers with one question. Who is behind the mask?

This season started out with the show’s host, Nick Cannon, decked out in a cape and mask to get everyone hyped up before they had the camera switch over to the shows amazing panel of judges consisting of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and special guest Jamie Fox. The show starts off with our first set of performers which they categorize into ‘Group A’. Each performer this season got to choose their own costume. The contestants consisted of crazy ensembles, including the White Tiger, Turtle, Llama, Little Mrs. Monster, Robot, and Kangaroo.

Some of the coolest costumes kicked off the show, specifically, the White Tiger. Looking fierce and powerful, the singer came out wearing a white tiger costume with some serious Egyptian jewelry and clothing. This helps to make him seem more powerful and royal-like. Rocking a boyband look, the second performer, dressed as ‘The Turtle’ came out looking like a serious biker. Personally, I wouldn’t want to mess with him. His spikes and costume make him look beyond intimidating but his voice itself is a soft and soulful voice. Singing “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal the Turtle was definitely one of the top performances of the night.

We even got to see the return of a costume! The show’s fourth contestant was inspired by Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer T-Pain who played the original monster in season one. This contestant created her costume to be ‘Little Mrs. Monster’. Changing the color to pink and adding on a blue bow with sparkles to make the costume fun. As soon as she walked onto the stage the first thought that popped into my head, and possibly everyone else’s, was a young performer. Maybe Jo Jo Siwa? However, as soon as she started singing everyone knew she was an older performer. Delivering an amazing and soulful performance ‘Little Mrs. Monster’ left almost everyone in tears.

The number one thing I love about this show is the music. Every performance is different and it’s not like The Voice where you perform and then stick with a certain genre of music. In every performance, the contestants will change up their style and genre of music. This season started off with just that. Songs like ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice, ‘She Bangs’ by Ricky Martin, ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn and many more different songs and artists the music always varied. Each artist performed amazingly and shocked me when I saw a wide variety of songs that I knew and loved.

I would like to see new judges throughout the rest of the show, hoping that there are more seasons to come. All the judges have chemistry and work well together, but because this is now the third season of the show things seem a bit boring and repetitive. Even bringing in special guest judge, Jamie Fox for only one episode gives some sort of relief and new vibe to the show.

One judge that I would like to see leave the show is Ken Jeong. Although he’s a comedian and tries to make the show funny, he actually does the opposite. During season one it was funny but now it’s become the same thing over and over, including his guesses of participants. It’s at the point where now I just groan because everyone knows he’s going to say the same thing. Throwing in a new comedian for a season or two will give great relief to dedicated fans. I think that he definitely brings something to the show and makes people laugh, however, I think that the show needs a break from his specific comedic style.

Another thing that I love about the show is its filming style. Throwing in some cool angles of the performances themselves, for example, the shots from behind to get the crowd and performance all in one. The viewer also gets to see the audience’s point of view, both during the performance and while the judges are talking. The camera will switch from the performance or judges to the audience. I see this as really smart because the viewers at home are able to see the audience’s reactions. These reactions can be a super funny addition to the show.

The Masked Singer is an amazing show. Using the audience and viewers’ sense of judgment and knowledge of pop culture ranging from many different careers to figure out who may be behind the mask. The performances are always amazing and entertaining as well. This show takes an interesting stance in creating a connection to your favorite characters, instead of getting attached to looks or previous biases. At the end of every performance, you will always be on the edge of your seat to see if your favorite will go home.

I absolutely love this series. I always have a fun time watching it with my younger brother, which includes the fact that it’s a family-friendly show as well.  Although I may not always be right, it’s still fun guessing. This season so far has been beyond fun-filled and has started off with some killer costumes and performances. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season is going to go. A total of 12 new costumes and contestants are going to be shown throughout the next two episodes and the battle continues.

Who’s going to win this season? I don’t know but my main question is who is that behind the winning mask? Tune in to Fox on Wednesdays at 8 pm EST.