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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

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IYONNA MOORE: Crowd Leading Queen

Iyonna Moore
Iyonna before her final Senior year homecoming. She especially loves school events and anytime she has the chance to show off her school spirit.

Iyonna Moore is sass. Iyonna Moore is energy. Iyonna Moore is all smile — a smile so disarming that there’s nothing anyone can do but smile back. Iyonna is a natural leader and varsity cheerleader who doesn’t just guide the rowdy crowd — she inspires it. 

Iyonna Moore is a successful and hard-working student, with cheerleading and school, she manages to get her school work done in between school and cheer. She’s always made sure to make time not only for school and cheer but for all the people she loves the most. Iyonna is very persistent in making sure she puts herself first but also others whenever needed. From being known for cheerleading to her funny personality Iyonna is a senior you’d want to get to know. 


Iyonna is a part of Frederick’s varsity cheer team. Iyonna says “I enjoy cheer because I like the people and I like the progress I have made with my stunt group”. Iyonna cheered when she was little, she also did other sports like baseball, dance, gymnastics, and cheer. She decided to stop cheering for a while because she said, “I needed a mental break from it and we weren’t all there”.

After long consideration, she decided it was a good time to cheer again because it was a long enough break, and joined the team her freshman year. Her freshman year Iyonna was a flier, then she became a back spot and that’s what she has stuck to since she got her tumbling. After being moved to the back spot Iyonna wasn’t sure if she’d like it but ended up really loving the position she was moved to and is grateful to be able to pursue that. Iyonna also mentioned that as of now she does plan to cheer after high school whether that is in college or not. 

After high school, Iyonna plans to college but doesn’t know where yet since it still is early days. But she has been applying to different places to see what options she could possibly have. In college, Iyonna mentioned that she would enjoy doing social media marketing. Iyonna is taking college classes, her classes are college algebra, criminal justice, and public speaking. For college Iyonna would love to move out of state but because it’s so expensive she might stay here in Colorado until she can afford to move or transfer. 

One thing Iyonna will miss about high school is seeing her friends every day and also cheering at most of the games. No doubt Iyonna is known around the school for her personality and jokes. One thing Iyonna has to say about high school is, “Keep your friends close to you because realistically all the drama and high school are not gonna benefit you after high school”. 

Iyonna was in Georgia but then moved here to Colorado when she was nine. Although at first Iyonna didn’t know if she would like to move here, Colorado has grown on her.

 When not in cheer or at school Iyonna likes to sleep and mostly hang out with friends. When Iyonna is not doing either of those, she likes to work at La Mariposa. Iyonna works as a host, and sometimes a waitress. Iyonna has a lot of passion and drive whether that be in cheer or at her work she never gives up on doing what she truly wants and if she has to work for it there is no doubt she will. 

Iyonna is a well-known senior here at FHS and for all the good reasons. She’s a leader and a friend to many. If you haven’t seen her on the floor make sure to look out for Iyonna at the next sports event you go to because surely she will be there doing what she does best. Whatever comes in the future for Iyonna there is no doubt that she will take it with everything she has.

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Hazel Mciver Oun
Hazel Mciver Oun, Staff Writer
Hazel is a freshman at Frederick High, and this is her first year being a part of Frederick’s newspaper. She is part of Frederick's Varsity Cheer team, where she can be found when not writing for the newspaper. She also loves to hang out with friends and spend time in the mountains with her family.

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