The Case of Senioritis Spreading at Frederick High

As the first semester comes to an end, many seniors start feeling the lack of motivation to finish their final year of high school


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The feeling of ‘Senioritis’ and desire to graduate is severely common within students in their last year of high school.

Nicole Howieson, Staff Writer

The make-believe case of “senioritis” may just be made up of rumors by senior high school students themselves, but it is very much real. One can define this condition as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Symptoms could include being sleep deprived, struggling to wake up each morning at 6 a.m, ditching more and more classes, and the looming stress. Senior year is one of the most joyous of times but also one of the challenging times in a student’s school career to find motivation.

The anticipation of graduating after twelve or more years in the school system is what pulls many to the finish line. As a senior, you are submitting applications, choosing career paths, and overall planning your future into adulthood. It’s a lot to manage and decide in such a short time frame, which makes this final year even more difficult. It’s very exciting to look forward to your next chapter, yet is frightening to move on.

So while planning this future you have always dreamt in your head, you still have all the responsibilities of your high school duties. Schoolwork, clubs, sports, and a twenty hour-a-week job is all on my schedule as well as a hundred other kids that attend Frederick High School. My friends and I all relate to the fact that it is so hard to balance. You cannot give your full attention to one subject of your life, as your other tasks begin to slip between the cracks. How does one manage all their responsibilities at once? Sadly, I am still figuring that out myself as well as so many others are at the same time.

At this point, here enters the case of senioritis. As mentioned before, obligations begin piling up to the extent where it all becomes too much. The scenario typically goes as follows:

  • Starting the first weeks of this last year strong; attending on the scheduled classes, handing assignments in on time, and passing with flying colors. It seems like a breeze.
  • Then you have to adjust to handling work and school, sports and school, or even all three at the same time. It was easy in the summer months to have all that free time and manage it with school and/or sports, but it is time to once again readjust.
  • After that, the next stage is shifting your focus to college admissions and deciding on your set career path to study in college. That means that high school isn’t getting your undivided attention as it should be. Now here comes the symptoms of senioritis that mostly everyone faces.
  • You are stuck with a brutal case of senioritis.

Some advice for this ‘condition’ would have to be don’t slip too much in school. Senior year is as important as the previous three years, so do not treat it like a walk in the park. It is most definitely difficult to prepare for this next transition but still focus on the now. Enjoy your senior year and make the most of it. Go to school each day with a positive attitude and don’t let your work ethic begin to slip. Sometimes you just have to step back, reevaluate how you are performing, and make changes to make senior year your best one yet.

If you’re struggling with senioritis or motivation to wrap up the year, talk to a counselor about what choices are right for your path to success.