Dinging Dinger

The Rockies mascot was assaulted by an unhappy fan

Christopher Ward, Staff Writer

At Coors Field on Monday, the Colorado Rockies’ mascot was assaulted during a game versus the St. Louis Cardinals. The Denver Police Department is presently looking into the event as an assault, according to 9News in Denver.

On top of the home team’s dugout, Dinger, the well-known purple dinosaur who has supported the Rockies since they began play in 1994, was dancing and amusing the crowd when he was tackled by a person wearing jeans, a hoodie, and white shoes. Fans who saw it were horrified.

The Denver Police Department tweeted that the fan who assaulted Dinger turned himself in to the police on Friday afternoon. The 45-year-old Kenneth Sonley received citations for assault and disturbing the peace.

Because fossilized dinosaur remains were discovered while Coors Field was being constructed, the Rockies management decided to utilize a dinosaur as its mascot. However, it was decided that Dinger would be a triceratops because fossils of that species had been discovered nearby, despite the fact that the bones allegedly were never assigned to a particular species.

Other than the assault on Dinger, the Rockies had a successful Monday as they defeated the Cardinals 7-4. But on Tuesday and Wednesday, they dropped the next two games in the series.