So Long Seniors

This years graduation will be the biggest ever.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

As the year comes to an end, so does high school for our seniors. Graduation is on its way for the graduating class of 2023. May 17th was the last school day for seniors but the real big day comes on May 27th for graduation. Frederick made sure that the last week for seniors was special, by having activities, spirit week, and even a parade and senior sunset. But the last and final destination to finish off their high school career is all 288 students walking across that stage at graduation with their diplomas in hand. 

Graduation will be at 10 am on the 27th of May. The field opens at 9 am so no earlier than 9. Dr. Fox mentioned that graduates should be in the gym by 9 am. The schedule will look similar to other years. It will start off with the two valedictorians  Cruz Zamudio and Crystal Rojas speaking as well as Jami Revellie being the staff speaker for this year’s graduation. Dr. Fox also said, “Mr. Chico Garcia our board member and Mr. Douglas Bussanet our area superintendent and myself will all speak a little bit as well.”

The school also plans to help honor the passing of graduate Marisol Espendola by presenting the family with her diploma and such. 

Dr. Fox added, “ Graduations are just a fun event. It’s a formal event, we do it really well here at Frederick. It should be about an hour and 20 minutes long. We’re all hoping for good weather so we can be outside and it’s just a nice event that is really kind of a big symbolic transition for our seniors.”

The class of 2023 will be Frederick’s first graduating class of the Golden Eagles. If you’re a senior, make sure you’re there on time in the gym bright and early on the 27th at 9 am in the gym. If you’re not a senior, do what you can to celebrate our 2023 seniors and let them leave on a good note.