The Crash: An Anthology

There are many ways to tell a story.

Ryan Cote, Special Contributor


If she knew she would cry.
No she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t even Believe me because that’s
Not how she raised me.
But she doest know
The mistakes I made,

Stupid decisions cost more. People now dead, because of a Little alcohol in my system.
A too sharp turn I took,
Logan and Jason in the car.
We spun and swerved,
We were upside down.
Blood and tears
From only two of the three. Carolines screams over the phone, Their sister my friend,
Not anymore.
Mom never knew,
Never will never can.
All the things i kept from
Her to protect me,
To keep her safe.
She loved all my friends,
None of them stuck around.
Ella called me screaming in Disappointment, her boyfriend
In the car his brother gone
I had everything going for
Me in life and now,
I had taken one.
Mom can never know.
Or I would lose her too.



It was the three of us Against the world.
Not anymore, now it was Just the two of us.
We used to have it all,
That bond of being siblings.
The inside jokes, the uncontrollable

Laughter and smiles between us. The late night conversations
Of school crushes and grades. Now I have one,
Logan who I haven’t
Even seen since the
Car crash, the crash that
Ashley had caused her fault.
I loved her like a
Sister, friends since
Elementary school our small
Group of friends, Rylee and Ashley. We said friends forever now look at Where we ended up.
I think back to what we had,
How simple life was just the
Three of us. Best friends
Since birth something stronger Then other relationships.
They were my everything,
I would have and would do Anything for them, my blood.
It’s all lost and all gone now.
I keep the memories
Close but dont let
Others know.



I had everything all Planned and now I have No clue what to do with Myself or my future.
Me and Logan were going To go to school together, Talks of moving in together

Being each other’s everything. He hasn’t reached out in years Now who even knows.
I wanted to achieve greater and Bigger things with my life
Now I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner. Everyone thinks I’m so put Together but in reality
I’m falling apart. I have So many great things Offered to me but I’m too Scared to move on.
I was the best student in High School Everything going great,
Scholarships and school,
Family and Friends.
Then the phone call from
Ella, telling me what happened That night I broke down.
I called my best friend, Caroline The sister of the brother
Who had just died.
Why was it hitting me so hard, Even still to this day.
It put an aspect of fear
Into my life I never knew I Didn’t have, maybe that’s
What is holding me back.



He was dead,
Something I had to finally Come to terms with.
I loved him so much but,

I don’t miss him at all.
I realized this now.
He hurt me, not in a Physical way but with his Words and those will Forever leave me
With deep wounds.
Was I in shock, yes.
I called everyone I knew
In relation with him or
His brother in tears,
Hysterically sobbing.
Ella and Ashley both answered me, both of the calls
Being significantly different
Then the other in tone.
Logon survived making me
Ask questions as to why
Jayson didn’t.
Caroline and I were
Affected the most,
She would call me
Weeks after the accident just Crying unable to control
Her emotions, how I really felt
Still hidden in plain sight.
No one knew the abuse,
You wouldn’t have been able
To tell or see the signs.
So I couldn’t let people
Know how I really feel now.
He will be missed,

But not by me.



Ella and Rylee,
My ride or dies since

The beginning.
I loved her, Rylee.
She was the best thing
That had ever happened
To me, I don’t know
What happened.
She moved on
Too quickly I’d say,
Was part of it my own
Fault yes but I was
Grieving, I needed a break
To fully be able to grasp
What my life now was.
I wanted her to reach back out But she never did.
Ashley ruined so much of my Life in a single second.
Rylee was my everything. Everything I lived for
And she knew that.
I doubt she still does.
She make think I left her
But part of me will always be With her, I will always love Her it’s almost like I’m stuck Loving her I can’t let it go.
She moved on so maybe
Now I should, or maybe I Should reach back out
Since these feelings seem
To be forever.