Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars Makes Another Appearance as Disney+’s Series the Mandalorian



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Taylor Roberson, Staff Writer

After many years with the Star Wars Franchise, friends and families of all kinds are going crazy as the new app Disney+ has added not only all of the original Star Wars movies, but the new Series The Mandalorian. The series is about a similar looking character to Boba Fett in the other Star Wars movies, that takes on the role of a soldier/ bounty hunter. In the Mandalore culture, it is forbidden to take off his/her helmet to reveal their face and they are very skilled in the weaponry department. They take on many life-threatening cases in which they receive valuable rewards to either make their armor stronger or to use against others. Overall it is a very adventurous and active movie that almost makes you want to jump up and fight right along with them!

As someone who’s never taken the time to watch any of the other Star Wars films, I’ve enjoyed The Mandalorian in all of its daring glory. It came across as a possible “fail” compared to the reputation of the original films, considering it’s a series containing episodes. Other films that have been turned into a series of episodes have utterly failed in comparison to The Mandalorian. Though I haven’t seen the other star wars movies, it seems as though they did a fantastic job representing the creatures, graphics, and many of the important aspects of the movies in the series.

In the first episode of The Mandalorian, they present the quest as trying to find something extremely valuable. With little to no context about the object, the Mandalorian has to venture out into space to find and bring back the object alive and well; while also maintaining himself, and his safety.

He suffers through many hardships, and as the fatalities keep climbing, he manages to march through space as easily as a knife through butter. Battling many creatures that live in certain climates such as the Tundra and desert, the Mandalorian builds trust and inches his way closer to completion of his mission. Once he reaches the final destination, the Mandalorian battles with the guards to enter through metal doors that are locked. He is presented with a small dilemma, whether he should gain the trust of the Robot that has murdered most of the guards and wants the same reward, or to sneak in and risk death. He soon comes to the conclusion that gaining trust is always the way to go and fights the guards alongside the “Droid”. They manage to win the battle and make it through the metal doors in which he discovers his precious object.

As the audience watches on, it comes to their attention that the object shown is identical to Character Yoda in previous films but only smaller and way cuter. As the series goes on, the audience still has yet to figure out if it is “Baby Yoda” or if there is a possible offspring. A new episode of the series The Mandalorian comes out every Friday on the app Disney+ and considering there are only four episodes available at the moment we will have to wait and see. As a newfound fan of the Star Wars community, I am eager to continue watching, but I can guarantee the true Star Wars audience is more eager than I.