High Performance For High Fidelity

Theater student at Frederick High School have shown off their talents at a well preformed musical.

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

Frederick High School students had gathered to participate in a musical named High Fidelity. These theater students performed a wonderful musical for their audience in the month of April. Many students got to show their talents throughout the whole musical. These students have shown and proven their dedication and love towards plays and musicals.

This musical begans with introducing the main characters. Rob Gordon, the main character is an unfaithful, heartbroken man who seems to not find love anywhere including himself. His most recent girlfriend Laura, has been one of his most long-lasting relationships and had been one of his “Top 5” heartbreaks. He tries to get Laura back but she seems to not be interested. Toward the end, Rob asks Laura to marry him, and he later makes a mixtape for her making her finally happy.

 Frederick high school theater students had done a great job from start to finish putting up a great musical, and will be looking forward to putting on more great performances soon. Laughs and smiles were put on many of the audience’s faces during this musical. Many family members and friends had assisted to this performance, which these theater students had made very proud. Hidden talents were shown off these nights, and had opened up many new opportunities for the students. Although performing is not easy for some, these students showed that anyone can do it as long as you have a passion for these things.