A View From The Forest

Prom 2023 was a night to remember for Frederick students.

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager

Colton Smith having a good time at prom after a turn of events “My first and last prom wasn’t how it was expected, my prom date left me but it’s okay because I went with her best friend. I surrounded myself  with people who match my energy and it made me have a more enjoyable night.”
Aydan Thomas making his way on over to the dance floor to join some friends in the fun.
Jace Madden smiling away just vibing, “I mean I think that everything was pretty fun but the actual dance itself was kinda lame but I had fun on the party buses and everything else”.
Seferina Hopkins looking stunning while just hanging around with some friends.
Annette Hernandez Montoya (left) , Haley Slemp(middle), Bianca Rives(Right). “I thought it was really fun!! I had a really good time with my friends” said by the stunning Bianca Rives.


Maddie Green(left), Ryley Anderson (right) look like they are having a blast. Ryley, looking beautiful as always says, “It was fun. The DJ wasn’t the best but you win some and you lose some”.
Juliet Castro (left), Aubree Frittzler (middle),Maya Edelen (right) having fun hanging out with friends.


Beyoncé Castrejon(Left), Kimberly Quiroz (middle), Maria Diaz(Right). Beyoncé states, “Prom was a fun experience. I had an amazing night with my best friends just dancing.”
Breanna Langfeld (left), Chase Paugh (right) singing their hearts out on the dance floor getting the long awaited night started.