Viral Cartoon Hits YouTube

The pilot for independently-made Lackadaisy charms audiences and sets YouTube records



The new webcomic Lackadaisy has been a big hit ever since catching momentum from the action packed pilot on YouTube.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

The webcomic Lackadaisy is like something you’ve never really seen before. The new comic was created by the writer/illustrator Tracy J. Butler. Straight off the bat from only viewing the pilot, the show seems to be action-packed and different from other animated series. The comic is set in the Prohibition era set in St. Louis, Missouri. The show follows the titular speakeasy and marigold gang who are both smuggling alcohol during the Prohibition era. The short film was released on March 29, 2023, on YouTube. 

In 2020 the short film got crowdfunded through a Kickstarter campaign. It was originally intended to raise $85,000 for a ten-minute creation but ended up scoring four times its intended budget. Additionally, according to the creators of Lackadaisy more than 160 artists around the world became a part of the film’s production. The trailer for Lackadaisy was released on YouTube on January 16, 2023, then the pilot two months later. 

The half an hour pilot is action-packed right from the start exiting an exciting midnight rum run that allows introduction from all characters. The story starts off with the Rio art between the titular speakeasy and Marigold gang. The two groups who are smuggling alcohol during the prohibition. The bootleggers Rocky Rickaby, his cousin Calvin “Freckle” McMurray, and Ivy Pepper dug up a coffin loaded with whisky from one of their trusted suppliers. But by the time they loaded up their whisky they got ambushed by their enemies, the Marigold gang. The Marigold gang consisted of former Lackadaisy member Mordecai Heller and the Cajun Savoy siblings: Nicodemo and Serafina. Instantly the Marigold gang ambushed the bootleggers forcing them into the Sable mining quarry causing more ambush on them, but eventually, they escaped with only a couple of scratches. 

After they managed to escape they head to the Lackadaisy speakeasy. Where the owner Mitzi May expresses her emotions to a portrait of her deceased husband and reminisces about how big their business used to be. The trio returned with only three bottles intact from the fight. Opposed to Rocky’s efforts for approval, Mitzi expresses displeasure with the short amount recovered but states that she’s happy they at least came back safely.

Right off the bat the new series Lackadaisy got the ball rolling on what’s in store for the rest of the series. The pilot was just a little look into what Lackadaisy has in store for its viewers. (YouTube)

Despite the interesting and original sequence, Lackadaisy does fall short on the lack of detail that was given. There wasn’t much backstory behind the club owner Mitzi May and Mordecai Heller. Although the short film did keep me interested the whole time despite the lack of background and history given which I’m sure was further explained in the show itself.  

Although only viewing the pilot Tracy Butler did a great job being able to hook viewers into what the show could bring with just the pilot. If you’re interested in fun animated series that are all action-packed, Lackadaisy would be a great pick being easily available on Youtube.