A Bittersweet End

Frederick football loses in the semifinals but still made an impact


Jordan Anders

Senior Highlights

Jordan Anders, Sports Writer

This past Saturday, Frederick varsity football hosted their first semifinal game since 2011. They played Pueblo South high school, and in a 2-hour long battle, the Warriors fell to the Colts 24-28 and ended their season 11-2. Let’s not forget this was the first time in Frederick’s history that the varsity team won 11 games, and the first time in 8 years, they made it back to the semifinals. The Warriors did not end the season where they wanted but made a pretty significant impact on the legacy of Frederick football.

An unforgettable season all started back in week 2 when the Warriors faced their cross-town rivals-the Erie Tigers. A last-minute defensive stop led the Warriors to win the game 21-20 and claim the Miners Day Trophy, which they will now keep final ownership of. Week after week, the Warrior’s offense lead by Quarterback Jake Green showed their skills as they won their first nine games. At week 10, Frederick traveled to Mead for the last and highly publicized league game. The Warriors lost by only a touchdown but had still guaranteed their spots in the 3A state championship playoffs. In the first round of playoffs, the Warriors hosted the Thomas Jefferson Spartans, which they won 45-14. In the quarterfinals, the Warriors traveled to Colorado Springs, where varsity would play their best game yet against Discovery Canyon. A last-second touchdown by Blake Duran secured their spots in the semifinals. Although the season ended a game short of the state championship, the boys played a fantastic game each and every week. To complete an incredible season filled with a lot of highs, here are some messages from a few seniors that made this memorable season possible

“This past season was truly something I will never forget. I loved bonding with my brothers and going out to war with them, I will miss being with them every day at practice. Most of all I will miss the bond that I have created with them.” – Jake Green

“My favorite memory this season would have to be the tempo the defense set for the games. I’m gonna miss just being able to hang out and joke around with the boys. Out of everything I will miss all of our real talks at practice the most. For next year’s team, a little advice for you, put in as much work as you can in the offseason, give it your all so that you can come home exhausted and you’ll see it pay off with all wins you boys get.” -Sean Holbrook

“My favorite memories of football would have to be all the times in the locker room when we would all dance and get hyped up to music before our games. Those times would really help me get ready for the games. I also loved every time when the rowdy crowd would rush the field after our victories.” -Brayden Weingardt

“My favorite part of the season was going out every practice and putting in hard work every single day. We did it because of the love we have for the game. We loved playing with each other, dancing on the field, getting yelled at, and hitting each other. We loved the sport and still do but the love we have for each other is like no other.” -Jackson Ramer

“People will say you can’t do it, but that should ignite the flame to prove everyone wrong. You boys can do amazing things if you put your mind to it (a message to next year’s team).” -Damien Gonzales

“I’ll miss playing with the boys and playing for Frederick. The one thing I will never forget beating Erie and winning the Miners Day trophy, that was one of the best games we ever played and I will never forget it.” -Josh Dean

“I wouldn’t have wanted to play for any other team over all these years, and Friday nights were some of the best times of my life. I love all the guys on the team and no matter who you ask they will tell you that we are all brothers for life.” -Joey Notaro

“The best part of this past season was every day at practice with my teammates! Thank you to our amazing rowdy crowd and all the people that cheered us to victory this past season. If I can give any advice for the team next year, make sure you boys enjoy it. Push through the hard times and finish what we started! F-12!” -Michael Clementson