Frozen 2 is a 10/10 Family Film

The sequel is a great family film with great values installed

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Labeled for reuse by press release

Avery Marr, Staff Writer

The original movie, Frozen, took Disney fans by storm and left the audience with the desire for more. After the first movie was created in 2013, audiences were hyped and thrilled to see the outcome of the second edition. As many fans speculated about the main character’s sexuality and possible plotline, fans were anxious to see what directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck created. Frozen 2, released the 22nd of November and theatres were jam-packed with families ready to embark on the adventure.

Frozen 2, begins with a flash from the past as it explains more of Anna and Elsa’s background. In this scene, it features King and Queen Induna, their parents, explaining the tales of the Enchanted Forest. These tales play a critical role later in the movie. Once bringing the movie back to the present time, it shows all of the characters reunited and Arendelle thriving. However, despite their happiness, Elsa has a feeling she cannot shake. Throughout the beginning of the movie, Elsa begins to hear a woman singing. After hearing this several times, she decides it’s a sign. She is determined to figure out what it is but is scared of the unknown. One night, she decides enough is enough and decides to follow the tune. Once doing so, she breaks into song and ignites the Spirits of the Enchanted Forest.

After she ignites the power, the spirits are left angered and disrupt the city of Arendelle. The Spirits represent all four elements, given that, they disrupt all of the elements which make up the city. The townspeople are forced to evacuate to the mountains. Elsa begins to tell Anna, Sven, Olaf, and Kristoff about what she has done. The trolls encourage Elsa to follow the voice and discover the true foundation of Arendelle. The gang sets their sights and embarks on their journey.

Several songs later, the group arrives in the Enchanted Forest but gets swept up by a tornado caused by the Wind Spirit. The characters are brought decades in the past as the Northuldra and Arendellian troops arrived at the scene but at this time they are still at war with one another. The main characters bring peace to the two troops by saying that both of their parents belonged to each clan. After saying so, the two armies decided to work in harmony alongside the main characters. Throughout the rest of the movie, the audience experiences a triumphant victory for Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the characters.

The visuals in the movie were quite spectacular as they worked alongside each of the character’s emotions. During the beginning of the movie, the atmosphere conveyed a warm and homey feel as the characters were safe and at peace. The main driving force of the movie, the voice, and the visuals would quickly shift the dark and snowy; giving an unsettling feeling to the situation. Frozen 2 did a great job with this aspect as they kept the color scheme matching its’ current situations. At one point in the movie, Elsa battles her inner demons by climbing a wall of water. Elsa then approaches the situation with a new look, as she takes her hair down and her normal attire shifting into pants. This scene was one of my favorites as it truly leaves you on the edge of your seat. As Elsa trudges through the water and begins battling with the Water Spirit, the atmosphere is dark and filled with shades of blue. Almost giving the feeling of suffocating. At another point in the movie, Anna is alone in a cave, desperate for comfort. The colors stuck to grays and blacks and the only light was blue, signifying Elsa. Overall, Disney added very breathtaking and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

As for the soundtrack, Disney brought both new and classical sounds. One of the most emotional songs featured in the movie is called “Into the Unknown” by Idina Menzel. She showcases her breathtaking voice as she belts most of the song. This piece truly gives the viewer an insight into Elsa’s mind and allows you to resonate with her current feelings. One of the more exciting and surprising pieces in the movie was a song called “Lost in the Woods”  by Jonathan Groff gives a new outlook on masculinity. Kristoff, one of the only male roles in the movie, shows off his emotional side as he is lost in the woods without Anna. This piece is extremely inspiring as it tells young males to showcase this side of themselves. This is a huge step for Disney, as most of their male roles sing stereotypical messages. Overall, the songs in Frozen 2 brought amazing messages along with some classic sounds.

Frozen 2 is a great movie to bring the whole family to, as it instills ideas of independent women and feminism. It also teaches the value of family and companionship. The atmosphere in the theatre was electric as it was filled with children and families. At points in the movie, the entire theatre would light up with laughter. Overall, I had a great time watching this film and it was cute to see families together. If you are looking for a fun and refreshing movie this weekend, try Frozen 2, you won’t regret it.