Shrinking Expectations

Latest Ant-Man film is strange, yet satisfying.

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager

Ant-Man and Wasp are back in Quantumania along with their family unexpectedly discovering new creatures. They are on a journey to get out and back home with the obstacles of reencountering old enemies.

This movie contains previous actor Paul Rudd playing as Scott Lang/Ant-Man. Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne/ the wasp as well as her dad Michael Douglas, Hope’s dad Hank, who we have also seen in previous movies. Along with the appearance of previous characters in the film, their are relatively new faces such as Michelle Pfeiffer who is Hope’s mom (Janet Van Dyne). She had an appearance in the first ant-man but went mysteriously missing into the Quantum Realm. As well as Kathryn Newton who plays Scott Lang’s daughter (Cassandra Lang) is a lot older in this movie so the daughter role has been played by lots of different young actors to fill the age gap. This movie was out of the ordinary of the other marvel films and previous Ant-Man films. It was a good movie based on the whole storyline and determination throughout the movie. 

During the movie Scott’s daughter, Cassandra Lang made a way to send signals down to the quantum realm to learn about what the quantum realm actually is without having to go down and possibly get stuck. As that upset Janet Van Dyne, she insisted that she turn the signal off however at that point it was too late and they were sucked into the signal machine.

The acting was really good, it definitely matched the sounds when the setting was right. The actors did really well fitting each role and executed the movie well. The sounds were weirdly strange but that was because of the creatures and they couldn’t understand them so it sounded weirdly gross, but when they could understand them the sound was really good and all connected which made sense. The music fit in the parts which helped better the film. One part that was really weird was when he was duplicating because it looked really trippy and a lot was happening at once but it was really cool. 

I would recommend this movie to any marvel fans and every non Marvel stans as well. Anyone who likes action would really like this because there is a lot of action from start to finish. If you don’t like weird creatures or trippy scenery then I don’t think the movie is for you. Other than that, I liked it, I scale it a seven out of ten because it had a weird beginning but it was also a movie that isn’t like the rest of the other Marvel films, it isn’t predictable, and it also is a little funny so if you like comedy, action, and thrill go watch it in theaters.