Time Heals

Scars only heal with time.

Ella Haas, Special Contributor

6 AM is when you first wake up. 

When you don’t know yet

or don’t even care what the day is going to bring.

This is when you two meet for the first time.

You feel refreshing feelings of love and happiness.


8 AM is when you finally decide to get out of bed.

You decide to go for it.

Next thing you know you’re 

inviting them to go to the movies


10 AM you’re thinking about everything you need to do

and everything you would rather be doing.

You ask them how many kids they want.

To which they tell you that they want five

but you only want two, so you both settle for three.

12 PM you’re ready for the day and you’re 

ready to get in the car and start your day.

Meeting their parents is the most nerve racking 

thing you’ve ever experienced, but he’s ready to introduce you

to them.


2 PM you’re running to the grocery store to find 

something to make for dinner and you’re running to 

the post office before it closes.

You do everything together.

Shower, sleep, workout, study.

Their parents invite you on family vacations.


4 PM you can sense the sun setting soon.

They haven’t been responding to your text messages

and they never pick up the phone anymore.

You’re always rejected when you ask them to go somewhere with you.

6 PM you’re just ready to go home after a long day. 

After doing everything to cheer them up like

making their favorite food and inviting them to their favorite places,

you want to give up.


8 PM you no longer have to continue your day 

because everything is done. 

This is when you decide you can’t go on 

feeling like you’re not good enough.

But you wait for them to say something first.

10 PM you’re tired and exhausted from a long day.

Finally you break up with them because you 

don’t want to constantly feel tired and drained.

12 AM you’re about to fall asleep and wait to

see what the next day brings. 

You finally feel the weight lifted off your shoulders

and your world goes quiet again.