What Would You Do For Love?

You on Netflix came out with its final season, the most brilliant yet

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor

On February 9th You season 4, The first 5 episodes; Part 1, officially came out. For a short recap of season 1, a brilliant male bookstore manager crosses paths with an aspiring female writer. Joe Goldberg and Guinevere Beck. A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager’s obsession. Joe falls for Beck. He begins stalking her, using social media and the internet, becoming obsessed with her, and even going so far as to remove anyone that gets in his way. Joe and Beck begin dating. Beck begins seeing a therapist named Dr. Nicky to cope with Peach’s death, which threatens Joe. Beck also grows suspicious at Joe’s aversion to discussing his ex-girlfriend, Candace who seems to have disappeared from the world without a trace. Beck then discovers a box hidden in Joe’s bathroom filled with valuables belonging to Peach and Benji. There’s also a necklace belonging to Candace, and Beck concludes he also killed her. Joe finds Beck in the bathroom with the evidence and locks her in the vault underneath the bookstore. She attempted to escape, but Joe caught her and the episode ends with the revelation that her book of short stories was published. But her death took place off-screen, and Joe framed Dr. Nicky Beck’s therapist, who comes to find out who she had an affair with.


Onto season 2, it dove deeper into Joe’s past, specifically about the abusive relationship between his mother and his father. Joe’s father physically and emotionally abused both him and his mother, while Joe’s mother often neglected Joe and left him by himself while she sought the company of other men. In Season 2, we witness Joe’s first murder in which he killed his father to protect his mother. Joe moves from New York to Los Angeles to escape his past and starts over with a new identity. Joe found a new love interest, Love. Love has a brother named Forty. She reveals that when she and Forty were younger, they had an au-pair from Spain named Sofia who entered into a sexual relationship with Forty. Forty believed that he and Sofia were in love, but Love saw what Forty couldn’t see. Forty was a minor being sexually and mentally abused. We learn that Love slashed the Au-pair’s throat in a severe, violent act of protection. She figured it would be better if her parents thought Forty murdered the au-pair, so she staged it to look like Forty murdered Sofia in a blackout rage. The powerful Quinn family then played it off as a suicide. Forty threatens to kill Joe to keep his sister from living with a psychopath, but Fincher the cop shoots Forty dead before he can. Love is devastated, but then pulls the coldest move, she pins the murders of Hendy and Delilah on Forty, enabling her and Joe to get away with everything.


In season 3 Joe and Love get married and have a kid named Henry. It’s a not-so-perfect “married relationship”. However, season 3 quickly becomes a grand game of cat and mouse with the “husband and wife” duo trying to outwit each other. This is in part due to Joe’s constant infatuations with other women, Natalie and then Marienne. However, their growing tension is also due to Love’s misguided attempts to protect her family as she gets over her brother Forty’s death and begins a romance with Theo, the neighbor’s son. After Joe’s latest obsession is Natalie, Love lures her into the basement of the bakery she bought and murders her. Natalie’s husband Matthew Engler doesn’t take his wife’s disappearance too kindly and soon there’s a search party underway for Natalie. Love then ties Natalie’s disappearance with another one of her murdered victims, this time Gil, an anti-vaxxer whose kids infected Henry with measles. The story they spin is that Natalie and Gil were having an affair and Gil killed Natalie and then himself. However, this isn’t convincing enough for Matthew. He begins to use extreme surveillance measures to try and figure out what happened to Natalie. He begins to realize that Love and Joe may have some connection to her death. In the final episodes, Love and Joe finally face each other. After Love insists she still wants to have another baby, Joe explains he is leaving her, heading off with Marienne. Love confronts Joe and asks if he is in love with her. After a heated argument, he says they should get a divorce. Joe then writes a note saying he is leaving with Henry but before Joe could, he decides to end things in an elaborate manner that then creates a crime scene that makes Love’s death appear to be an accident. He cuts off two of his toes to simulate a violent argument between the couple and sets the house on fire making it seem like Love killed Joe and Love took her own life.


In season 4 you come to realize Joe is not a good person. He’s killed a lot of people like a lot of people. Joe then runs away to the United Kingdom in search of his “true love” Marienne. Joe creates his own secret identity naming himself “Jonothan Moore” trying to leave his past behind. His new social group is even richer and more spoiled than in previous seasons, and they begin dropping dead and being killed by a mysterious “Eat-the-Rich” killer, we might secretly hope it’s Joe with amnesia. In fact, when the first victim appears dead in Joe’s apartment after a wild night of partying, Joe automatically assumes he’s killed him and covers up the scene. Joe does have a new obsession, Kate. We then discover that Joe is actually being framed and hasn’t killed anyone….Yet. Someone is aware of Joe’s past and is attempting to use it to their own ends. With a new moral code and a mission to clear his name, the Joe we love to fear is suddenly a protagonist fighting against a greater force.


The show You is an amazing show and I love it! I suggest watching it. To find out what actually happens, you can watch it on Netflix, Youtube, Apple Tv, Vudu, and Amazon Prime Video.