Senior Spotlight: In It to Win It

Kimberly Tarin Terrazas is a dedicated student athlete.


Courtesy of Kimberly Tarin Terrazas

Kimberly has always has such a love for sports since she was younger. She continued her love for them by participating in almost every sport FHS offers.

Ailyn Ponce, Staff Writer

From playing volleyball, soccer, basketball and now wrestling Kimberly Tarin Terrazas is and has always been passionate about sports. Kimberly is a senior here at Frederick High School. Kimberly is eighteen and she plans to go to trade school in Denver and graduate with a major in construction management.

With all the sports Tarin has played throughout high school and even before her journey first began by playing volleyball at the age of seven. But she started sand volleyball just last year, “I can honestly say sand volleyball is so much better than indoor.” She then caught some interest in soccer the following year but she mostly played for fun since volleyball is her main sport. Tarin told The lantern. She played basketball her junior year but not this year, she told us “The coaches pushed me hard and pushed me not to only be a better player but a better person as well. They supported me in basketball and outside of it.” She also said, “Although I had the height for basketball I realized that it just wasn’t the sport for me.” Tarin then switched to wrestling this year, Tarin told us that she also decided shes going to be playing soccer this season as well. 

Kimberly is also a lifeguard at the local Carbon Valley Recreational Center, she tells us she enjoys working there, besides being a lifeguard she is also a swim instructor “I love being an instructor because I get to work with kids and create these fun experiences with them.”

Kimberly told us that she wants to go to trade school along with two of her friends and graduate with a major in construction management. She also plans to make her own business with her dad.

Being Mexican-American Kimberly told us that her family has gone through hardships like any other family but it has taught her and helped her become stronger, seeing Kimberly accomplish her dreams is an inspiration to many. Tarin was born in Greeley Colorado but she moved to Chihuahua, Mexico because her parents wanted her to experience life growing up in Mexico; and a few years later her family moved back to Colorado. 

Some advice she gives to underclassmen is not to care too much about others’ opinions she said, “Everyone is so focused on themselves and trying to look good for others that no one is paying attention even if you feel like they are.”

Now that Kimberly is graduating from high school in a couple of months she tells us that she is nervous to be on her own after she graduates since she’s had so much support and guidance growing up, “But now it’s time for me to start making my own choices.”