Let the Crowd Bounce Back

The Rowdy Crowd had disappointed many this year and needs change.


Courtesy of Julius Phomatha

This years rowdy crowd has been noticed being weak and less energetic than usual. What can we do to fix that for next year?

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager

As an FHS student, everyone loves to interact with the rowdy crowd, wheater you’re in it, a cheerleader, or even the littlest kids. A rowdy crowd is a place students can come together during our sports seasons and cheer on our fellow athletes. It makes the athletes feel more encouraged to do good, gives them energy, and allows them to see that they have support from others. 

Everyone loves to be engaged with the rowdy crowd to an extent. Sometimes it can get boring just standing the whole time without cheers and not actually doing what we should do and that is to give the athletes the hype they need to feel supported. The low energy is for multiple reasons and multiple ways we can fix them. The rowdy crowd respectfully should yell cheers more often and have more enthusiasm with it as well. With that being said all of the students need to interact with what cheer they are saying and if you don’t cheer you should sit with your mom. There is no point to be standing in the crowd if you aren’t rowdy it can get frustrating to the leaders and other peers because everyone is just trying to support your team but it’s hard when the energy isn’t the same throughout the whole crowd. 

The rowdy crowd hasn’t been the best this season and it is an all-student round thing that should be worked on. The rival games do really well but after a couple of games in the season a lot of people stop showing up or they stand and don’t do anything. I agree you don’t have to be at every game because people work and have other things to do but it does improve the performance of the players. Having that support of your fellow peer is beyond encouraging and can also give you a chance to even socialize with more people inside the rowdy crowd itself. 

All over I have asked people how they feel about the rowdy crowd and its along the lines of “it’s not fun anymore, we don’t even cheer, or people won’t even do anything when we call a cheer”, as students, we can fix this situation multiple ways because no one wants to go have fun in the rowdy crowd and it is the exact opposite. 

There are a couple of ways we can fix the rowdy crowd or even progress to make it more enjoyable because everyone knows FHS has the best rowdy crowd we have other schools who come to FHS wishing they had a rowdy crowd like the golden eagles and we have to keep it that way the whole season not just at the beginning. A suggestion is that we can all “vote” or do polls on who the leaders should be so that we can make sure they are energetic for next year and the following. We can create more cheers so that we don’t have to worry about doing the same cheers all of the time. We can even just try and get others to cooperate in a better way because nobody will do anything if they are being yelled at in a rude way.  Overall if we want FHS to stay recognized for our rowdy crowd we all need to up our game and get it going. Maybe this year wasn’t the best but we can make those needed changes to make next year much better and 10x more rowdy.