Cheater, Cheater, Silver-Eater

When you’re thrown to the wolves, fight back.

Kaydence Young, Special Contributor

The sounds of growling and leaves crunching under feet are the only thing Amy could hear as she’s running for her life in the dense forest. She searches around for any sign of a way to keep the beasts at bay.

“Oh heck yes!” Amy cries as she sees the same silhouette of the cabin she came from.

She runs up the stairs and runs through the door, securing it behind her. Scratches and thuds are pounding on the door from her friends with a now, furry disposition.

Amy tries hiding under the kitchen table. The area surrounding her is a mess thanks to the fight that started this whole ordeal. Broken glass is scattered all over the floor; there’s water dripping off of the table she’s under. Amy turns her head and sees her boyfriend’s phone and the pistol the group had found earlier that day. It was loaded with silver bullets. They had all laughed about it earlier, but now it’s Amy’s saving grace.

In a last ditch effort, she picks up the phone to try and call 911, but instead locks eyes with texts of her boyfriend and every single one of her friends flirting. It was pages full of heart eyes and compliments. Compliments he never even said to Amy. A psychotic smile creeped onto her face. Grabbing the gun and a couple rounds of amo, she walked calmly to the door, unlocked the door and opened it.

    “Let’s dance, suckers!” she yelled as she shot relentlessly at the three werewolves advancing upon her.

    Within seven shots, all 3 of her so-called “friends” lay bloody in front of her. With her combat boots and denim shorts she kicks her boyfriend’s body.

“Cheaters never prosper honey,” Amy snarked before blowing her “friends” a kiss and leaving.