Exploring Different Cultures at its Finest

The new Language and Culture club shows inclusiveness for everyone no matter their back round.


Ms.Sheng teaching the class how to make rice balls in celebration for Chinese New Years

Cameran Martinez, Staff Writer

Clubs are a great way to learn new skills, connect with others in your community or school, and enhance your school experience. It’s no doubt high school clubs have a lot to offer so it’s important to find one that incorporates something you’re passionate about.

The Language and Culture club is learning about how different cultures can make you develop more empathy towards others and also makes you appreciate how others live. Learning about other cultures also helps you learn about the world in general, especially when you learn to make different kinds of food! Learning and making food from different cultures is something we can all benefit from. So, If you have a knack for trying and making new foods, if you enjoy learning about people around the world, or if you want to make friends, the language and culture club would be perfect for you.

The language and culture club at Frederick High was a club born last semester, in 2022. They learn about various cultures and often have different types of cultural food at each meeting.

On one occasion, Lyse Prentout, a French foreign exchange student, brought various foods from her French culture. She brought macaroons, croissants, and brie cheese! Another occasion, Kohagi Noguchi, a Japanese foreign exchange student, brought many sweet candies and rice cakes from Japan. She also brought little toys for everyone as well.

She said, “I felt happy when I brought snacks because nobody hated them. Also, it was a really good opportunity to share my own culture.”

It’s a great outlet for people of many cultures to meet up and learn from each other. Many times, the other language teachers like Madam Connor will be there and discuss different things she experienced when she went to France.

“I really enjoy coming to language club and it’s really nice to hang out with my friends. I loved making fresas con crema for the class and I enjoy the activities we get to do. Even if you don’t have any culture it’s still a fun place to be. I’d love for more people to join; the more people the better.” -Gustavo Fajardo, a member of the club and sophomore here at Frederick.

One of the Hosts, Ms. Quintanilla enjoys that she can share her culture with the students and she also likes getting to know students better and creating new friendships.

When asked about her favorite club memories, she told The Lantern, “Getting to know the students, especially when we share food, or when we cook something really yummy! I also enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences with the students.”

The Language and Culture club is very welcoming and hosts meetings every other Tuesday on A days, if you’re interested d make sure to get in contact ASAP so you an get in the loop.