When They See Us Was Brought to Full Fruition

Ava DuVernay’s portrayal of the Central Park Five’s story is a masterpiece, to say the least

Aria Bragalone, Staff Writer

Whether or not you had heard of the horrific trials and misjudgment of the five boys now known as the ‘Central Park Five,’ viewers will feel the sorrow and heartache that the teenagers experienced after watching Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us.

Although this docu-series is only four episodes long, each episode is densely packed with emotion, confusion, and frustration from all sides. This Netflix original has been acclaimed for not only it’s casting, but for the amazing performances portrayed on the screen.

As the series starts off, we are introduced to the boys who are all assumed to be part of a raping and beating incident in Central Park. As they are interrogated without their parents in sight, the actors, including; Jharrel Jerome, Asante Blackk, Jovan Adepo do a tremendous job at bringing an intense feeling of uneasiness while with the interrogators.

One that does a particularly good job at this is Asante Blackk, who plays Kevin Richardson in this series. He did a spectacular job of illustrating such an innocent and sheltered kid, which is the complete opposite of what the police were forcing him to look like. His acting creates a strong and powerful force recognized by viewers and critics alike.

After the children are wrongly convicted, I think many can agree that Korey Wise’s journey is the most heart-wrenching of them all. Jharrel Jerome, who plays Wise in the series, perfectly embodies the agony that must have been felt by him, also showing a side full of hope; even in the midst of being a teenager stuck behind prison walls.

Overall, When They See Us brings to life the racism that floods the streets, courtrooms, and prison cells in America. No matter your political background, it will have you reevaluating the injustices in our so-called “justice” system. It is well worth the watch and will hopefully allow you to see things in a way you never had before.

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