The recruit

Noah Centineo who played in (too all the girls I have loved before is playing in a mystery/rom com. And fans are exited after season 1 ended people want more

Krystal Tschida, Staff Writer

One of the hallmarks of the ABC franchise The Rookie is that both shows have utterly charming leads actors and more than enough entertainingly light content to make viewers forget about the inherently ridiculous procedural parts of the shows. Alexi Hawley, the showrunner of both The Rookie and The Rookie: Feds has created a new series that centers around a new CIA lawyer who wastes no time in getting embroiled in some of the agency’s touchiest operations. Does it have the same light touch as Hawley’s other shows?

A fledgling CIA lawyer gets caught up in a dangerous game of international politics when a former asset threatens to expose the nature of her relationship with the agency unless they clear her name

Owen Hendricks (Noah Centineo) sees something going wrong and tries to call the commander, but she orders him to get off the line. “This is what happens when we bring a lawyer on an op,” she says. So he takes matters in to his own hands. Two weeks earlier, Hendricks, who joined the CIA’s general counsel’s office straight out of law school, is on his second day on the job. He’s ordered by the general counsel, Walter Nyland (Vondie Curtis-Hall) to go to Capital Hill to keep Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Senator Smoot (Linus Roache) from reading classified documents into the public record. Two veteran lawyers, Lester (Colton Dunn) and Violet (Aarti Mann), get wind of this and decide to give the rookie some scut work, namely hundreds of letters from “Crazies” who grey mail the agency and threaten them; his job is to assess if the threat is real. Most of them aren’t, but he sees a letter from Max Meladze (Laura Haddock), serving a stint for murder in Arizona. With help from extremely paranoid colleague Janus Ferber (Kristian Bruun), he looks into the operations she named in the letter.

What she finds out is the contact and ops name are real, but something that an asset shouldn’t know about. When he reports it to Nyland, he tells Hendricks to continue and gives Lester and Violet the crazies’ file back. When Hendricks decides he should go to Yemen to find Meladze’s former operative himself, the pair don’t give him any advice other than to “fly coach.” That gets him in trouble—and loses him a fingernail—when he goes unannounced to the black site where the operative is stationed without a passport that would grant him diplomatic immunity. But the operative eventually tells him more about Melazde, and he goes to Arizona to talk to her. She claims she has classified documents and sends him to a storage unit to retrieve them, but it ends up being a bag of money that two thugs chase and beat him to get. But he manages to get away, and he lets Melazde know that she needs him more than she’s letting on. She also gives him the nickname of her handler, a nickname that she shouldn’t know; Ferber tells Hendricks that it refers to someone who’s extraordinarily high up in the government.