Every Actions Has Its Consequence

Will certain bathrooms at Frederick High School still be locked?

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

At Frederick High School, students throughout the day use the restroom to do their business. Some students, sadly, can not be responsible enough to use them properly. This causes campus supervisors to lock certain bathrooms throughout the school day. The outcome of this is students have to travel a farther distance to use the restroom.  These bathrooms are locked after 7:45 and they are locked about every day. There are a few reasons for this consequence.

“To prevent students from hanging out in the bathroom.”  States campus supervisor Julie.

This and other reasons are why the restrooms have been locked and unable to have access. Julie is one of the campus supervisors at Frederick High School. Julie and two other campus supervisors are also responsible for students’ safety, as well as trying to maintain students in class and not roaming the halls, and potentially distracting other classrooms from their learning time. Julie and the two other campus supervisors also try their best to influence students to be in class on time. Other than roaming the hallways they also roam the Frederick high school’s parking lot, trying to keep everything in order. These three campus supervisors have been a big part of the staff at Frederick high throughout the years and have had a great impact on the school’s community.

“I’m the vape police.” campus supervisor Julie calls herself with laughter. 

Throughout the years, many students’ actions have brought many bad consequences. There are consequences that have led to locking some of the restrooms. The campus supervisor at Frederick high school does not recommend doing illegal stuff in the bathroom and other things. Campus supervisors have had enough of kids not obeying and listening to what they have advised which has brought one of many of the consequences students have had to pay for, like locking restrooms.

“If students quit doing illegal stuff in the bathrooms they will be unlocked!” states Campus Supervisor with Julie Younghein.

Hopefully later in the school year, all school bathrooms will be unlocked and available for all the students at Frederick High School. There are many bathrooms at Frederick high school students can use, but for now, some will remain locked. Many actions have consequences and students’ actions have caused these consequences. So to finalize students should be more responsible while using the restrooms at school, and be able to have full access to all bathrooms at Frederick High by the end of the year.