Is the Cash Worth the Experience ?

Concert tickets are selling at alarmingly high prices and yet we can’t wait to get our hands on them



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Avery Marr and Taylor Dunlap

Concert tickets are way too expensive, yet people are willing to spend their savings for an intangible experience.

There’s something about concerts that make them absolutely addictive. The energy, the bass, the crowd, and the performance itself. These are all factors that make up these amazing experiences. There is a common ground that brings every walk of life back together, music. When you are in the arena people no longer feel like strangers, as you already have something in common. The feeling is truly unexplainable. So, spending half of your bank account on one ticket doesn’t matter in the moment because you gain an amazing experience.

The high price of tickets doesn’t deter some students. After speaking with senior, Autumn Gifford, she said she was willing to pay the price. Her most recent concert was “Rezz Rocks.” She got good seats, for $200. Since Autumn goes to concerts quite frequently, she has learned that venues like Red Rocks are the best because the time you get there determines your seat. “Venues like the Pepsi Center, or First Bank Center aren’t as good because you’re given a certain seat for a certain price.” In her opinion, concert tickets are worth the high price because the experience has always been worth it.

However, in this day and age, concert tickets have become extremely expensive. Leaving those who truly want to see their idol performing, isolated and lonely from the experience. Tickets shouldn’t be as expensive because after all, music is a form of expression, in which so many people connect through. As time goes on, the prices continue to climb higher and higher, leaving the majority of the performers’ audience in shambles.

We talked to Rachel Cyr, a senior at Frederick. She said that the most recent concert she attended was the Jonas Brothers. Rachel paid $195 for her ticket and stated that her seat was extremely far back, she was unable to make out details on the stage. “It’s honestly insane to pay $195 to barely see Nick Jonas,” she laughed.

Finally, we discussed this topic with Victor Rangel, also a senior at Frederick High School. He seemed pretty upset about it. “It’s ridiculous to pay that much just to see a normal human.” Victor further explained that he didn’t attend concerts on the regular. However, throughout the year, the concerts that he has been to have been outrageously priced.

We decided to look into why tickets sell at such a high price. The New Daily stated that in North America, average ticket prices overall increased by 20% between 2010 and 2015. We also learned that artists now make most of their income from touring, rather than record sales. Despite the high cost of tickets, there are still ways students can save money at concerts. Some venues have a student discount code, allowing students to get in for a lower price. Also, it’s recommended to stay away from impulse buying, it’s proven that merchandise is sold at a slightly higher price at the arena, rather than online.

Overall, concert tickets should have a limit depending on the production value of the concert as a whole. However, people are willing to spend crazy amounts for that euphoric experience. So, while prices are high, it makes sense why they are remaining that way.

“Concerts are an amazing experience, if you are willing to pay the price.” says Kenzie Curtis.