Who Is a Man Called Otto?

“A Man Called Otto” is a heartwarming story that will make your POV of life change.

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

Throughout your life, there will be many obstacles thrown at you but this does not mean you should give up. The film “A Man Called Otto” is a remake of a Swedish film called “A Man Called Ove”. This film is Rated pg-13 because of its suicide attempt and language. Star actor Tom Hanks is impersonating a grumpy old man who is miserable after his wife Sonya’s death. 

After Sonya’s death Otto had tried to end his life when feeling miserable. As he is in an attempt to hang himself his new neighbors next door notched at his front door. This brings him back to the last suicide attempts he has try to make. Tommy, Marisol, and their two daughters Abby and Luna are Otto’s new neighbors that seem so bright and positive. After Marisol the new neighbor interrupts Otto’s in his suicide attempt she asks him to take her and the kids to the hospital after Tommy her husband, fell and broke his leg using a ladder that Otto had lent to him. Annoyed and grumpy he accepts. Otto had previously met Sonya on a train after returning a dropped book to her. He has a flashback of him having dinner with his wife and, telling her that he is no longer in the army because of his heart condition and he no longer has a job, this leads to Sonya giving him a kiss.

During one of his suicide attempt by train, an old man faints and had fallen on the railroad tracks. Otto had proceeded to save the man and the incident became a viral video on social media. Not too long after that Otto finds a stray cat that he finds annoying. Otto and Marisol form a friendship which leads to Otto taking Marisol for a driving lesson and then they visit Sonya’s favorite bakery. He later on tells Marisol about an old friendship he had with a man called Reuben. This old friendship had abandoned and left Otto behind, the Reuben who had suffered a stroke, is now on a wheelchair and his wife Anita and neighbor Jimmy are now taking care of him. 

Tom Hanks stars in a scene from the movie “Otto.” Otto finally has the long awaited breakthrough thanks to the new family that lives very close by. (OSV News )

Malcolm is a local transgender student, he had been delivering newspapers when he had recognized Otto as Sonya’s husband. He cuts through Otto’s yard and tells him that Sonya was his teacher, and one of the few people who accepted him as he was. After this a friendship forms between them and Otto ends up fixing Malcolm’s bike.

Later in the film a journalist named Shari Kenzie; who is trying to interview Otto and ask him about the viral video he was previously in and his wife’s death, gets angry and does not cooperate with the journalist. Otto tries to commit suicide with a shotgun, in the middle of his attempt Malcolm knocks on his door asking to spend the night after his father had kicked him out his house. After finding out that they are forcing Reuben into a nursing home and taking their house, and that Anita was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he decides to try to help them. Marisol does not agree with Ottos decision, because when Sonia was pregnant they had a miscarriage. This happened because on their way back home, the bus they were traveling in had crashed because of the brakes not working, this resulted in Sonya being paralyzed and having a miscarriage. Otto still decided to help Reuben out and take to the real estate agent and they were able to keep their home.

Otto then collapses and is rushed to the hospital, thankfully the doctors had told Otto that his heart is too big, Marisol proceeds to laugh before going into labor and giving birth to her son. After coming out of the hospital he gives his old car to Malcolm and takes Marisol and her kids for a drive in his brand new truck. As years pass Otto, Marisol, and her family all become close friends.

As this film provides ups and downs it is safe to say that I would highly recommend watching this movie. This film has many life lessons and many heart warming clips which will hit a soft spot in your heart. It will show you that there will always be a reason for you to wake up every morning and live your life to the fullest.