Going Green at Frederick!

Helping out the community and the environment is a great way to also help your self.


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Woman planting a tomato plant.

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

Throughout the years’ Colorado has experienced many environmental issues. Many people have different opinions and/or beliefs on what is the most important issue that is going on right now. Climate change is the most important issue according to some voters. The Colorado College states that voters express heightened concern about impacts commonly associated with climate change, which about 86% of the voters concerned about droughts and reduced snowpack, and just below that about 82% of the voters are concerned about more frequent and severe wildfires. 79% of the voters are concerned about worse air quality due to ozone and smoke. Many of these issues can and have to be addressed. If your having trouble finding a place to address these problems or even having trouble on how to address these issues you can go talk to Mrs.Paswaters and Mrs.Smith, thankfully at Frederick high school they have created a club called “Green Club”.

This club is all about addressing environmental issues, giving and maintaining plants, selling plants, and becoming aware of what efforts help the environment. Many environmental issues need to be addressed on a day-to-day basis but, this club can help you and the environment know what it needs. Many efforts can be made to reduce environmental issues, for example, you can use the three main R’s every day. The three R’s are reduced, reuse, and recycle. Although this doesn’t seem to affect the environment it can make a huge difference in helping with reducing environmental issues.

“If you’re interested in learning about the environment around you including plants and animals then come join this club!” states Mrs.Paswaters, a Frederick high school teacher with joy.

Giving and maintaining plants can help out and reduce some of the environmental issues that are going on today. At Frederick high school the Green club volunteers make dates to sell plants during lunch hours, this is so students have the opportunity to buy a plant from them. This can inspire a student to plant one and help the environment out, and also helps the students in some ways. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big change it is, the earth will thank you in the future.

“If you like fun field trips and a good community then come join our club!” Says Mrs.Paswaters, a teacher at Frederick high school and organizer of the Green club at Frederick high.

Helping the community, helping the environment, and including yourself is a great effort to help decrease the issues addressed in this club at Frederick high. Many people have different priorities, but one of them might be a great community. Just planting a tree can be a drastic change for the environment. Encouraging others to help the environment and community can also make the environment we live in much better. This and many more subjects like this will be addressed at Green club. So if you are considering joining the Green club at Frederick High School they meet every other Wednesday in Mrs.smith’s room.