Riverdale’s Return: Season 4

Riverdale is back for yet another twisy season

Janessa Dufour, Staff Writer

The original story from the Archie comics which started in 1941, is now a weekly television program. Riverdale is a story about a group of teenagers in high school trying to solve the murder of a fellow student, Jason Blossom. With so many twists and turns, the viewer will go on a roller coaster with mixed emotions. Produced by Greg Berlanti, who also produced The Flash on CW. Season 4 comes in with a tragic crash, quite literally there is a tragic crash.

As we know Luke Perry, a prominent actor in the show suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. With the sad and depressive weight in the audience’s heart, we had to know that soon the character he played, Fred Andrews, would have to pass in the show. Along with the viewers, I will miss him and his character that played the role of the loving, supportive, cool dad of Archie Andrews. With the show memorializing his character, Fred Andrews, we also memorialize Luke Perry himself.

The show goes into the typical group of friends and lovers: we see Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones eating at Pops Diner when Archie gets the devastating call, crumbling to the floor. Leading to sharing memories of Fred Andrews as a person and things he has done for each of them and what a loving, caring person he was. Fred died as he lived, as a hero. Always being there for people with his caring, outstanding and loving personality. He died as the knight in shining armor, making the death more sad and heartbreaking. Riverdale definitely did its part for an amazing tribute for Luke.

Archie ends up recovering his truck and as the heartbreaking scene presses on our throats, we see the iconic truck without his father in it. The rest of the episode would be heavy for Archie as people dropped off flowers and had emotional conversations with the character.

We have to ask, how will this affect Archie in season 4? Did the reveal of the driver at fault provide enough closure?  Or will he go on a road of bumps and hills trying to recover from the loss?

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