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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 is scandalous and emotional



Season 2 of popular Netflix show Ginny & Georgia has everyone’s chins on the floor. The complex show keeps viewers wanting more.

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

On January 5, the much-awaited second season of the very popular TV show and Netflix original Ginny & Georgia finally hit the app and immediately became the number one show that was ranked on Netflix. As of now, it is still ranked #1. The popular comedy-drama series quickly gained popularity following the premiere of its first season. Instantly, viewers fell in love with the storyline that producer Sarah Lampert put on screen. Not only were the viewers crazy about the story being told, but so were the characters and actors that were telling it. Ginny & Georgia is shot at two different times, the present and the past, which elevates the show that much more. The show is romantic, scandalous, emotional, and most of all, it comes with a feeling of realness.

For a quick first-season recap, troubled teen Virginia Miller, who goes by Ginny, had a rough upbringing with her mother Georgia, who had her at a young age. Ginny frequently feels compelled to act as a mother figure to Georgia and her brother Austin, who has a different father than Ginny. Georgia has a hard past and is very dynamic. The season began with a big move to a small town called Wellsbury, Massachusetts, after Georgia’s late husband suddenly died. Ginny doesn’t take it well at first, but she soon finds a friend she likes who has a boyfriend she likes even more. Through the season, both Ginny and Georgia thrive to build a new life in the small town of Wellsbury, and they both somehow seem to succeed in their own ways: Ginny finds friends and a boyfriend but also a secret lover at the same time, and Georgia finds herself a successful job where she falls for the soon-to-be husband and mayor of the town, Paul Randolph. When everything went wrong, Ginny and Austin fled the small town of Georgia to get away from their problems.

The second season was everything from mysterious to revealing to depressing to happy, and all you could describe it as was that the show has a feeling that not many shows have. That feeling is complicated by the show’s real factor, which makes you wonder if this is a true story. Ginny & Georgia’s second season felt like it handled everything a show could handle.

Right where the first season left off, the kids ended up at Ginny’s father Zion’s house nearby, where they spent Thanksgiving. Zion helps Ginny through a very emotional ordeal at home. Georgia pretends and acts as if she doesn’t care that her children abandoned her, but she can’t seem to get them out of her head. Georgia has a very awkward dinner with Paul’s parents and ends her night calling Zion to check on the kids and convince him to bring them back for their annual day after Thanksgiving Fry Day. In a flashback, a young Ginny dances with her mother, Georgia. The scene plays out in slow motion, and the two are all smiles. This moment, this memory of happiness is Ginny’s memory of a specific moment in her childhood. Later, this same moment will pop up, only we’ll see it from Georgia’s point of view, and it’s far less rosy. This second season focuses more on Georgia’s crimes and her secretive past, and it proposes the question of what will happen to Georgia or if anything will happen. But again, starting on a compelling note, the show focuses on Ginny’s panic attacks, self-harming issues, and the ongoing trust issues she has with her mother.

Ginny and Georgia have such a heartfelt message lying beneath the surface about really getting help with things like depression, anxiety, self-harming, and whatever else one would need help with. Ginny and Zion agreed on therapy to help her with her ongoing use but failed to inform Georgia about the weekly appointments. But Ginny also discovered that Marcus, her neighbor aka her longtime secret lover, who also happens to ruin her friendship with her one best friend in town, helped her find peace. Ginny also struggles with finding new friends and reviving the relationship with some old friends she misses; she continues to struggle in that department.

Throughout the second season, the storyline of what happened in Georgia’s past keeps coming to the surface. from the private investigator that was hired to catch Georgia red-handed for the murder of her late husband. And to her surprise—or maybe no surprise at all—Ginny found out that yes, it was true that Georgia killed him. After finding out what she had, Ginny wanted to know more, so she found out about the credit cards under her and Austin’s names, and her mom finally came forward with the truth to her daughter. In the wholesome yet confusing episode, Georgia finally opens up to Ginny about her troubled past, and there seems to have been a breakthrough in their mother-daughter relationship.

Ginny & Georgia: Season 2 was a very complex season that had you on your toes every episode. Although the 10 episodes of the season were all around an hour long, every episode felt almost too short. Straight from the first to the last episode, the show keeps you locked in and wanting more. There were new surprising relationships being made, for example, between Georgia’s first love, Zion, and her soon-to-be husband, Paul. The season seemed to put a new foot forward for both Georgia teams. She was finally opening up and trusting people, something she had previously struggled with greatly. Things were looking up. Or so we thought. The actions of the characters and the actors were always what brought the entire show to life.Felix Mallard, an Australian actor, had a breakthrough role in portraying the various faces of depression and anxiety.

Overall, it’s yet another complicated, dark, real, and complex season of such a great show. The entertainment and engagement factor is intact. This show is fantastic for a variety of reasons, but one of the more compelling elements for viewers is the show’s reality. Yet another cliffhanger left for the viewers in the last episode. So one can only hope that the show is renewed for a third season. Ginny & Georgia is now available to stream on Netflix if you want a chilling yet impactful show to binge.