The Challenge of Communication

Talk is cheap, but some people can’t afford it.

Ashlynn Olivas, Special Contributor

6Apologies from some are genuine.

The people in the wrong remain the

same. Without the help of realization

the people in the wrong would always

see themselves as right. Taking accountability

makes everything easier and creates less problems.


Sorry can lose its meaning


If someone continues to do wrong, the act

of saying sorry doesn’t have the same meaning

as the first time it was used. Meaning all

the words that are being used has come with

showing the same actions as the words. Actions

and words are similar but very different. They

both work together to bring a better outcome.

Doing the right thing is always the better option.


Sorry can lose its meaning


Having the right communication could avoid

having the problems of reading a situation the

wrong way. If more people expressed their

emotions and feelings everything would make

more sense. Everyone should practice communication

to have the ability for everyone to be happy.