You’re Too Old

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager

Everyone loves Halloween, however we all grow into new things. As a kid we are all into getting free candy and going firm door to door with friends and family but as we get older we grow out of things. When we all get older we like to go out to parties with friends or we stay in and pass out candy whatever it may be. A lot of high school students like to joke around about going trick or treating but most don’t, unless they are taking their sibling(s). 

Imagine that someone is throwing the biggest and most fun party that anyone has done at your school. You really want to miss out on that and go get candy that you could buy at a store, i didn’t think so. I mean if you aren’t a party person that is very understandable but at that point you normally stay home because that’s what makes you more comfortable. Or possibly you are a person who likes to get scared or likes to be thrilled then haunted houses are for you to trick or treat the young kids. Perhaps you like to go out to places where you get on rides then go to Elitches or a festival. There are lots of fun options that we all can do its really obvious the part is if we chose to do them or not,m which i feel it is good if we choose to. 

Bonding with siblings is nice but going to haunted houses or parties allow you to meet new people and boost your confidence even. Choosing to trick or Treat or not is is a age thing really, if you think about it and look around you hardly see high schoolers trick or treating, most rather go out and party than be stuck with their sister or brother if i am being completely honest. I know parents rather go to adult events or stay at home which basically shows it is an age thing. 

So basically teens can go trick or treating but looking at age they really shouldn’t. They should go out, grow up and have fun meeting new people. There isn’t a definite age restriction but we all realistically know the age cut off.