Boys Basketball “Shows Mead who’s House it is”

Caleb Pickett, Staff Writer

Frederick Basketball took on the school’s biggest rival Mead High School for their first game of the season and both the girl’s game and the boy’s game did not disappoint. The girls lost a nail-biter in the final seconds by a score of 47-44. While the boys won a back-and-forth game 76-70. Frederick has now beaten Mead basketball 2 times in a row after not beating them since 2013 that streak ended last year.

Frederick Basketball showing once again just like they did last year they are a top team in the state and teams and ranking committees need to put some respect on this team. Coming into this game Frederick was ranked 7th and mead was ranked 3rd, Frederick showed their potential for this season showing they can be a championship contender.

Boys basketball was led by Senior Luke Justice who put it all out there for his Golden Eagles as they took their trip to Mead high school, leading the game by scoring 29 points, directing the offense, and controlling the tempo in Fredericks’s big rivalry victory vs the Mavericks. Senior Matias Aldana also had a great game to start his senior season dropping 16 points 6 rebounds and 3 steals.

Right off the jump Shooting Guard Luke Justice(#11) started the offense off on the right note after he pulled up for a corner three and drained it. The Mavericks fought back as the game became a back and forth we shoot they shoot game. Senior Jacob Lovins(#5) hyped Fredericks’s rowdy crowd up after a massive dunk on mead Mavericks player Tucker Mills who was supposed to be the best nonprep player in Colorado he indeed did not live up to that standard as Fredericks’s defense shut him down, And a surge of offense led by Matias(#24) three-pointers and his ability to drive the ball in the middle of the 4th quarter put the golden eagles up by 6 and they never let that lead slip away.

After the game Luke Justice said

“I think this game was more exciting than anything it was an amazing atmosphere and enjoyed every bit of it and we came out with a great win and it set the tempo for the rest of the season and the goal we have for this season is to win a state championship which is very possible with the amount of work and talent we have on this squad”

Frederick has a great season ahead of them with a great group of players ready to win Frederick high school their first state championship since 1956.