American Heartbreak

Zach Bryan’s new album American heartbreak review

Conner Pickett

Zach Bryan’s new album American Heartbreak is one of the newest and best albums out right now for country music. American Heartbreak was released on May 20th, 2022 by new up-and-coming music sensation Zach Bryan. American Heartbreak is Zach’s fifth country music album.

Zach has a very interesting start to his long story, he was born in Japan while his family was overseas, but ended up growing up in Oologah Oklahoma. He is the son of veteran Dewayne Bryan and Annette Bryan(Mullan). Zach would continue a family tradition, by serving as an active duty member of the US navy. Zach Bryan would go on to serve eight years as an active duty US navy man. Zach would shoot a YouTube video of him playing music that then went viral with people loving his voice. There was something special he knew about the whole time but people finally saw it. Zach Bryan and the US Navy On October 14, 2021, announced that the U.S. The Navy honorably discharged him after eight years of service to pursue his career in music. “I joined the Navy as a 17-year-old kid. It’s all I lived, slept, and ate for eight years, it’s been all I knew since I was a snot-nosed child. It made a man out of me, truly. I ran with some big dogs, saw a few fights, and outdrank the best of them, but more importantly, gotta serve alongside some of the best men and women I was ever blessed enough to meet. If it was my decision, I would never get out of the world’s greatest Navy, but here I am and they kindly honorably discharged me to go play some music. Can’t tell if I’m a coward or if I’m chasing a dream but regardless, the best eight years of my life were spent serving the best country in the whole damn world. Thank you guys and I’ll see you on tour. -Z.” Zach said that after being honorably discharged from the US military on October 14, 2022. What Zach said showed us how much of a patriot big Z is to the untitled states of America, it’s even a little inspirational what he said.

Zach would go on to pursue his musical career after being honorably discharged from the US Navy and he started his music career off with a popular country music album “DeAnn”. People all around the world loved this album, so much so he began making millions off of it. And that was just the beginning of Zach’s amazing musical career. Zach just came out with a new album “American Heartbreak” which is decently a contender for the top albums in country music for 2022.

Zach released “American Heartbreak” in May 2022 and immediately got great results the listeners loved. The top three songs listeners loved were “Half Grown” in third, “Sun To Me” in one second, and “Something In the Orange”. I agree with these top 3.

“Something In The Orange” was the best song in this album, this song is about the sad truth about the end of relationships. In this song, Zach is still emotionally attached to a girl, but the story is over. How knows she won’t miss him as much as he will miss her? The orange in the title of the song refers to a sun sending a metaphor for the end of a story. the sunset also is a hope that big Z sees in the sunset is telling him that she’s going away and never coming back, and he feels lost.

I think this album is the best country music album out right now by far. With most albums out right now there are a couple of good songs in them but in Zach’s new album “American Heartbreak” I struggle to even find one bad song. I would give this album a 10 out of 10 it was a BOMB of an album.