The Final Opening of Frederick’s New Improvement

Teen Drivers can finally sleep in 20 more minutes and go back to their normal schedule.

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor

One of the most frustrating things as a teenager in high school is having to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier for 3 straight weeks because there is construction right in front of your school. Heading to Frederick High School at 7 in the morning on Colorado right before Tipple was one of the busiest streets in Frederick. Sometimes it would get backed up all the way from Safeway. It was so bad even if you left 10 minutes earlier and went down Colorado you would still be late. So people started taking Silver Birch and turning down Tipple and going the back way. 


Frederick High School is now one of the biggest schools in the district. The parking lot gets fuller and fuller each day now that all the sophmores are getting their license. Class of 2025 is the second biggest class at Frederick. 


The town of Frederick started working on this construction on the entire intersection 10/24 and finally finished on 11/11. Town of Frederick says “The Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Improvement project is a major capital project impacting traffic. As the project progresses, lane closures, slowdowns, and a full intersection closure are expected. The Town is working with surrounding businesses and organizations on traffic flow planning during the project. 


The design phase of the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway intersection improvements was awarded to Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers and finalized in December 2021. The intersection improvements provided the ultimate roadway design, including installing additional auxiliary acceleration and deceleration turn lanes, striping, signage, plus new traffic signals and signal timing to handle the five-lane configuration at the intersection for improved traffic operations. Also included are new ADA curb ramps, sidewalk connections, and pedestrian crossing controls for increased multimodal public safety on a primary route for students traveling to and from Frederick High School. 

Now that Tipple and Colorado is open, it is such a nice interaction. The town of Frederick did such an amazing job. The intersection is much bigger and allows drivers coming north and south on Colorado to get to the school much faster and easier. It is such an easy access coming to and from Frederick High School. The town of Frederick did good!