Senior Spotlight: Further In The Future


Courtesy of Caroline Colvin Photography

This is Missela Puentes showing off her beautiful eyes as she takes her senior pictures in wonderful Lafayette.

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

Knowing what you want to do in your future is a big step in life. As big as this step is, it hasn’t stopped Missela Puentes from planning her future. Puentes’ main roots are from Durango, Mexico but she was born and raised in Colorado. 

Missela Puentes had applied to a program during her junior year, which she got accepted to over the summer. In this program she got the opportunity to study, stay at the dorms, and get classes at CU Boulder for a month.

At first sight she had fallen in love with this campus because “ It’s a very beautiful campus!” she states with joy.  After completing this program she ended up getting a scholarship to all CU schools and had to go in early admission to Cu Boulder. She states “That is currently my safe school!”.

At this program she had taken pre-medical classes to follow the medical field, go into physical therapy, or possibly become a midwife. She felt motivated to go to CU Boulder because her older sister had recently attended there.

Missela’s sister is an engineer so at first her main goal was to study engineering but she had decided to branch off on her own and follow the medical field. She had changed her mind focusing on being an engineer because she states “ I had recently seen a TikTok where an elderly lady had fallen and somebody had helped her get up and had taken her to physical therapy afterwards, and if I’m being honest that video made me cry because it made me think of my grandparents, I can help elderly people walk again and get up. This is what really inspired me to get into the medical field”. 

Although Missela had ran for homecoming queen and didn’t get elected, that hasn’t stopped her from seeing the positive, she is planning on running for prom queen. She now wants to get involved with school because during her freshman year she wasn’t really involved. “ I don’t think my life will be different if I do not get elected“ Puentes states as she is living her best and last year of high school.

Missela has always been outgoing with her friends and family, she never seems to care what anyone thinks of her. She wants to give some advice to many people and has stated “The mentality that people should have in their mind is that nobody really cares. The biggest critic is yourself, honestly you are important but no one will remember what you wore last week, only you will remember what you wore, if that makes sense. So I say live your life and take risks before it’s too late, at the end of the day no one will remember”. Puentes has always thought outside the box and wants to be different than everyone else.

“Senioritis” as Missela states  is really hitting her because this will be last year at Frederick high school, on the other hand something she’s looking forward to is graduating high school and seeing what life has prepared for her.

Graduating from high school, having her college degree, starting a family, and being financially stable enough for her kids are all the things she sees in her future.

A fun fact about Missela Puentes is she has 2 jobs and she works full time. Many people have planned their future ahead of time and encouraging others to be company in themselves is a big step for many, so go follow your dreams and don’t let anyone’s opinions decide what you want to do.