Walkable towns, Restaurant Additions and More

How Frederick can change with resteraunts and shops to provide more enjoyable, and close activities.

Kierstyn Vejrostek, Staff Writer


Frederick is a small town in Colorado, closely connected to Firestone. Frederick has grocery stores, gas stations, and auto-part places, but barely any places to eat. As a high school student at Frederick High School, having more places to go out and eat with friends or family would be beneficial to have a life outside of the same food places every day.

Students of Frederick High School most frequently visit Safeway for lunch, with not many options it is usually the best place to get food. But the same thing gets boring, once you get the same thing over and over again. So there should be more food places in Frederick. Fast food places like a Chick-fil-A, a Panera, maybe a Qudoba, or a closer sub shop. Offering more food places for students to eat would be great, so students could expand their range of eating places, instead of swarming the poor workers at Safeway.

The idea of actual sit-in restaurants being built in Frederick. Frederick only has two sit-in restaurants with good food, which are Peppers, and Elf grill. The food there is great but isn’t very expanded upon in the case of actual menus and options, and being some of the only restaurants around for the past five years, it gets repetitive. Having new places to go in and dine at would be a nice change from the restaurants we’ve had around for a long time now.

On the side note of restaurants, in addition to making the town more lively, it would be very fun to have a more walkable town, a town with more shops and restaurants to walk around to and spend time at. Shopping is an essential part of a High School student’s life, and it’s something enjoyable to do. It’s a simple way of walking around instead of sitting around at home and trying to think of something to do. Opening up little shops or even smaller shops being branded by bigger companies would make Frederick a more fun place to be. Once you were done shopping, you could go to a restaurant and have a nice time eating in and relaxing after a full day of walking around!