Shining Through

Frederick High’s homecoming game caused a yawn amongst the shivering crowd

Lexey Royer and Ella Berrend

It wasn’t easy to stay at the so-called ‘game of the year’. It was cold, wet and students of Frederick High School were slightly bored about watching a game with little to no action against Lincoln, let alone a homecoming game.  At first, the students were ramped up from the excitement of the pep rally and parade. About half way into the second quarter, FHS had it in the bag and there was no competition to be seen. 

The football players were running onto the field while the crowd was cheering, as the cheerleaders and dancers started their routines. Everybody was there to support their school no matter how cold and wet it was. I asked Sean Holbrook how he was feeling as he was running onto the field. “I believed that it was going to be an easy game,” he explained. The team tried to keep their confidence hidden, but knowing Lincoln hadn’t won a game all year kept them pretty calm about the game ahead.

It was obvious within the first quarter that this game would be an easy win for Frederick. The foghorn began to go off more and more as the energy of each touchdown became quieter from the crowd.

As the crowd shrunk and the remaining students stood in the wet and cold, they stuck through the whole game for the victory of a win. People were bored, people were soaked, and people were covered in deteriorating rowdy crowd gear, but when the crowd of students ran on that field for the celebration of their football players, there was a new kind of energy. The crowd had been waiting for this win from the start of the game and it had finally happened. 

There wasn’t much takeaway from this game, besides the chance of catching a cold from the weather.  The superiority of Frederick over Lincoln was astounding. Frederick High School beat Lincoln, although it doesn’t really express how much Frederick nailed Lincoln on the field. The final score was 72-0. With Frederick’s rough history of football on the books, the strong season they’ve played on the field so far gives Frederick hope on future teams to come. Although the homecoming game wasn’t the most exciting game of the year, the Frederick Pride was still obvious on the field.