Denver Broncos Struggles Continue

Caleb Pickett, Staff Writer

The Broncos this season have been nothing short of just flat-out awful. Who is to blame? Lots of fans want to put all the blame on Nathaniel Hacket(Head Coach of the Denver Broncos) or Russel Wilson(Starting Quarterback), but is it a team effort?

Nathaniel Hacket has made quite a few questionable decisions this season with his time management at the end of games or play calls during the game.

With a defense as good as the Broncos, being 2nd in the NFL only allowing 17.4 points per game you would think they would at least be a .500 team or a team competing for a playoff spot, but no the offense is averaging 14.3 points per game worst in the NFL. None of this makes sense considering we are paying our star quarterback 50 million a year which is tied for the biggest contract in the NFL.

So what went wrong? This is a question all Broncos fans are wondering. A season with so much promise is teetering on the edge of collapse. Remember March, Broncos Country? Even in July? All the positivity and excitement? Everyone is at fault. This is an organizational failure right now. But quarterback Russell Wilson and head coach Nathaniel Hackett are playing the two main roles in this disaster.

Russell Wilson’s stats this season are some of the lowest of his career with only 7 TD passes and the lowest quarterback rating by far of his career 82.3 through 11 games. The Bronco’s offense just can not stay on the field leading the league in 3 and outs. So is it that Wilson is just a washed-up quarterback or is it that Hackett is not putting the Bronco’s offense in the best position?

Two weeks ago the Denver Broncos(3-6) played the Las Vegas Raiders(2-7) and Nathaniel Hackett handed off the offensive play-calling duties to Klint Kubiak(Gary Kubiak’s son), so at least Broncos fans know that Hackett isn’t a big head who only cares about the money and his job, Hackett is trying to win and create a Championship culture around Denver. But His system just does not fit the Broncos players and the other coaches they have, especially Russell Wilson. Even with this play-calling change the Broncos only put up 16 points against the Raiders and 10 against the Carolina Panthers.

Nathaniel Hackett had so much success calling plays for the Green Bay Packers, while Russell had so much success for the Seattle Seahawks. Is it just their chemistry? No one is sure, but Russell Wilson does not look like the Russell we thought was coming to Denver and the bottom line is that falls on the playing calling and helping Wilson feel comfortable in the new system by incorporating what he is good at. His specialty is the rollout pass where he can use his legs to run or throw the ball, instead of making him a pocket passer like Hackett was used to with his old Quarterback from Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers.

With six games left in the season Hackett needs to show some improvement for the offense and his game management or there is a very good chance he will be gone after the season.