Generation Day at FHS

Canes and walkers became a trend during Spirit Week


Lauren Leitner and Alyssa Morales on Generation Day.

Avery Marr, Staff Writer

The notorious ‘Spirit Week’ at Frederick High School has arrived. Students experience Class Color Day, Blue and Gold, and Generation Day. With Generation Day being one of the most anticipated themes of the week, FHS students were assigned to an age based on their grade. Seniors were assigned to the elders, going all the way down babies, the freshman. Many of the Seniors had arrived to school with canes, walkers and an outfit a grandparent would sport. The Scout asked two of the seniors at Frederick High School to ask what they decided to wear.

Starting off with senior, Carson Balman. Balman had explained to me that she planned ahead and decided to buy her outfit at Party City. When putting it all together, she wore a wig, an old-fashioned flower printed dress and walked around with a walker. Carson then told me that she got reactions left and right, but her school-spirit was all that mattered. She laughed when telling us that both teachers and students congratulated her on the spot on outfit.

Lastly, The Scout interviewed Lauren Leitner, another Senior at Frederick High School.

Frederick Scout: Hey Lauren! As your theme was Senior Citizen, how did you decide to dress?

Lauren Leitner: I dressed up as an old man. I decided to try something different, given that this is my only time to dress up.

FS: Did anyone in the school react to your costume?

LL: A lot of people didn’t recognize me! Many people thought it was awesome.

FS: How did you get your costume together?

LL: I went through my dad’s closet and put on a lot of his old clothes and put a pillow in my shirt.

FS: Oh awesome!

Overall, Spirit Week 2019 was one of the craziest weeks at FHS. The students at Frederick High School kept up with the school spirit and sure impressed.