The Effects of Eligibility

Eligibility is the determining factor in a students life when it comes to school activities. 

Alicia Ramu, Staff Writer

   Every week students are run for eligibility. Those grades reflect on whether they can play in the sport that they’re in or participate in the drama program, school concert or anything having to do with performing arts. Eligibility has always been there and always been the deciding factor on whether a student can participate in a school event or not. It keeps the students inspired and motivated but it can also affect the student when it comes to their struggles in a certain class or even in general.


   “I have really good grades right now but I have to make sure that my social life doesn’t interfere with my school work and sports. I make those my top priorities,” said freshman Lucy Ragnes; who is on Frederick’s volleyball team. Along with Lucy, we talked to a few students to see if their responses would be similar to hers and sure enough they were. “Eligibility is huge for performing arts, particularly in choir and theater. It’s the strictest in the school. I’m considered ineligible if I have below a C in any class.” Tessa Davis told us while talking about her grades.

  “If I’m ineligible I’m not allowed to go to theater rehearsal or on choir trips. I’m also not allowed to perform in theater if I’m ineligible,” Tessa continued. Hearing this was shocking. While continuing to talk with Lucy and Tessa The Scout kept learning more and more on how eligibility affects the students. When asked if school was harder with the pressure of having to keep your grades up in order to participate in an activity at FHS Tessa and Lucy both said yes without a second thought. Both students talked about how it’s hard to maintain their grades because it’s the constant studying and working hard in and outside of class to make sure that their grades stay where they need to be.

  Tessa even talked about how missing just one day of school can seriously mess up her workload. “It makes test-taking extremely stressful. I study tons because I can’t afford a single bad score,” Tessa responded. Even Lucy agreed when it came to tests, “I struggle with some tests and studying for them because sometimes I don’t have time to study with sports.”

After talking to Tessa and Lucy we went to the head makeup artist for the drama department, Natalie Ruscko.

  When talking to Natalie we learned that one bad grade means she can’t go to rehearsal or help out until she’s eligible again. Missing any important information could end up putting the whole program behind, without Natalie even knowing. “There’s definitely a whole bunch of pressure with eligibility because basically, an entire department is relying on one another so we can have an amazing show. It causes a whole ton of stress that causes some chaos at times,” Natalie explained. “If a whole bunch of students are ineligible, that means there’d be close to nobody at rehearsal and then the show would be a disaster.” . However, with that being said, eligibility hasn’t affected a single production on the FHS stage.

  Eligibility is run every week for students. It’s the determining factor in whether a student can participate in a school activity or not. Eligibility has repercussions for many students at FHS. Most of the time a student who’s in a school activity struggles with balancing their social life and school, along with the activity that they participate in. Eligibility affects all students in different ways. Is it fair to students who put their life towards participation at FHS? No, but every student who plays a sport, performing arts or any after school activity are the students who work the hardest and always put their best foot forward.