Rethinking Spirit Days

Rethinking Spirit Days

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager

Students love to have spirit for their school, however it is hard because the school keeps taking away our fun ideas. They put limits on things that we want to do because it is “inappropriate” or “offensive”. It gets really frustrating for us students because we like to have fun and we like to do new things but we can’t do that if we have tight boundaries. Imagine you are so excited about going all out for your school, breaking through your comfort zone, and all of a sudden you can’t because we have the same spirit week themes. I can speak for all students when I say we are tired of the same ones. 

For an example, I know Stuco talked about different themes we haven’t done before like little Mr./Mrs. However, the admin said no because they thought it would get inappropriate. If they were to put guidelines on what is too inappropriate I feel like it should be fine and we should be able to do it. We also couldn’t do bbq dads and soccer moms because it was gender related and this day in age some people are figuring out their identity which is totally fine but that should affect us not being able to do that, it just makes no sense. 

As a St.Vrain school seeing other schools in the same district do the ones that we initially wanted to is not really fair. If it is allowed at one school in the district, it should be allowed at all of them. Like Erie, Skyline, and Mead did all different themes while we are stuck with the same basic boring ones. And I understand keeping the school safe and appropriate but I feel like they can go at a different approach, rather than taking things away like colors and gender related things because they will cause a “controversy.”

Hearing students out is so important because we are the ones who are getting involved and are the ones who chose to go to this school. Student Emma Phillips says, “I feel like it causes less people to want to dress up because it is over repeated.” There again another FHS student who says the same thing as the rest. The principal and admin all talk about how it is so important to be involved during school but its hard to stay involved when we have already done the same thing two, three, and even four years in a row. The staff also say they want us to support our school, it’s hard to want to support it if it’s going to be boring all of the time. We aren’t saying we want to stop supporting, we are just trying to say we need to change it up a bit because eventually people will stop trying. Students at this school are proud to be a part of this loving community; they just want to be outside of our normal comfortable area.