Terrifier 2 Isn’t So Terrific

Despite the hype, Terrifier 2 is too much clowning around and not enough terrifying


Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting

This is a scene in the movie where Sienna is in the Halloween store and has a petrifying encounter with Art the clown.

Joselyn Carrillo, Staff Writer

On October 6, 2022 director and writer Damien Leone released a second movie named Terrifier 2. Before this film, there was Terrifier released in 2016. These films are based on a demonic killer clown with mime-looking qualities who appears only on Halloween nights. The clown is named “Art” the clown after writing the word “ART” on the walls after brutally killing his victims. This demonic entity is known for brutally murdering people. The first film Terrifier is basically when Art hunts three young women, played by Kannell, Scaffidi, and Corcoran, on Halloween night. 

This film begins with a very disturbing scene, this killer clown is seen brutally murdering what seems to be a doctor in a room. This scene may be disturbing to others because of the intensity and blood. Later on the two main characters Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan. As he just killed this doctor in the last scene after his resurrection on Halloween night a year after the events of the first film, he wanders the streets and ends up at a laundromat. He proceeds to wash his clothes which were full of blood and as he’s waiting he imagines a little girl, The Little Pale Girl who is a mysterious sinister entity in similar clown attire. A man that was in the same laundromat sees Art interacting with the girl, who is invisible to him before being killed.

Once you later, the main character Sienna is shown adding some of the finishing touches to her Halloween costume. Her costume is an angel warrior that was designed for her by her father who had passed away after a brain tumor. The younger brother Jonathan wants to dress as Art for Halloween, he has become obsessed with him since discovering sketches of him and his victims from the Miles County Massacre in their father’s sketchbook. Later that night Sienna goes to sleep and has a nightmare where she encounters Art the clown. She later wakes up to a fire on her dresser, meanwhile, a sword that was a gift to her from her father remains touched. Jonathan sees Art and The Little Pale Girl at school playing with a dead opossum, as he stands in fear Art throws the dead opossum at Jonathan and he runs away from the scene. At that same time, Sienna has a panic attack when her friends from school. Sienna and Allie (Sienna’s close friend) go to the costume shop to buy a replacement pair of wings after her last wings were turned into ash. At the store, Sienna has an encounter with Art. Art later kills the shop worker and later breaks into Allie’s home, where he theatrically mutilates her to death. He sliced her eye, scalped her, flayed her back, breaking off one of her arms while tearing apart the other, and poured bleach and salt on her wounds before ripping off half her face. Allie’s mom later walks in and is also killed when she discovers her daughter’s body. 

Jonathan shows Sienna and their mom his father’s sketchbook of Art the clown. It is filled with newspaper clippings of killings connected to him, revealing that The Little Pale Girl was his first victim named Emily Crane. Jonathan believes their father knew how to stop Art, but they do not believe him. Their mother then tears up the sketchbook and slaps Jonathan and he decides to run away. The mom later sees her car vandalized. She thinks it was Jonathan and while cleaning it she is killed by Art. Jonathan decides to go home but when Jonathan returns home he finds his mother’s corpse. In fear, he tries to run away again and Art chases after him before drugging and kidnapping him. While Art kidnaps Jonathan he also stole Sienna’s sword. Meanwhile Sienna is at a Halloween party. At the Halloween party, Brooke (Sienna’s other close friend) spikes Sienna’s drink with drugs to try to calm her down, but she has a panic attack when she sees The Little Pale Girl. In a bad mood, Brooke and her boyfriend Jeff drive Sienna home for ruining the night. Sienna gets a phone call and it’s the Little Pale Girl impersonating Jonathan over the phone acting like Jonathan is in trouble. She then lures Sienna to The Terrifier haunted attraction at a closed carnival where Art killed her years before. As they get to this shutdown carnival Sienna gets off the car to look for Jonathan, as sienna is off looking for her little brother Art kills Brooke and her boyfriend. Sienna discovers Brooke’s corpse and fights Art until he knocks her unconscious. She wakes up to Art whipping her little brother. Later after Art is killed multiple times by Sienna and Jonathan, he still manages to resurrect. Art then kills Sienna with her father’s sword and throws her into a water torture cell. Art then tries to eat Jonathan, then out of nowhere Sienna resurrects and decapitates the clown and rescues Jonathan. The Little Pale Girl takes Art’s head and leaves without attacking Sienna or Jonathan. 

This film is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes long. Although the acting in the script of this movie was not the best this film is something I recommend watching if you love jump scares and plot twists. Some people might find this film disturbing but all in all, it’s a great movie.