Speed Change On Tipple Parkway

The speed limit changed on Tipple Parkway and now both parents and students are having two different reactions

Elicia Ramu, Editor

The latest news in Frederick is the speed change on Tipple Parkway. Tipple Parkway’s speed limit used to be forty-five but was reduced to thirty-five. This includes a school zone limit of twenty during school hours due to many near accidents and a few actual accidents involving students crossing the street to the nearby neighborhoods. With this new speed change has several Frederick parents and students with very different reactions to the new speed change. To give us a little bit more information, we decided to talk to Officer Fairbanks, Frederick High Schools resource officer, so that we could hear from him on why the speed change happened and without any notice.


Frederick Scout: Why did the speed change fully happen or what made it have to happen?


Officer Fairbanks: I got contacted by a parent concerned about kids crossing the crosswalk and just a crossing guard and stuff like that and we don’t normally have crossing guards at high schools so I would go out there and kind of watch and it would look like traffic was going really really fast but they were actually doing the speed limit which was thirty five at the time. So we threw around a couple of ideas maybe get a crossing guard out there, slow the speed limit down, put some flashing lights up stuff like that. The fastest change that we could make would be to lower the speed limit to twenty. I think it really helped because as you see in the morning both turn lanes are full of traffic and then if you have thirty five mile an hour traffic going in there it’s hard for kids trying to use the crosswalk to see not to mention brand new drivers who are trying to pull into that entrance that we got. So we decided that we’ll slow it down to thirty miles an hour to make it safer for people to cross the street.


FS: Were there any reactions from students or parents and were they good or bad?


OF: Most of it was really good. There was a post on Nextdoor in countryside that had positive feedback. I couldn’t see them because I don’t live there but from what I’ve heard from some of the teachers who have seen it once we lowered the speed limit it was all positive.


FS: What about students reactions?


OF: I haven’t really heard from any of the students or heard anything about it from any of the students, so I’m not sure on there reactions.

Along with Officer Fairbanks we thought it would be a good idea to interview some students responses to see their reactions about it along with how they feel about it. These were their responses to our questions.


Frederick Scout: How do you feel about the speed change on Tipple Parkway?


Staci Pettigrew: How I feel about the speed change. I know it’s a school zone but I think I’d rather it be thirty five because it’s easier and faster to get to school, especially if your running late. Rather then it being twenty. It’s an inconvenience for kids and parents who are running late and need to work so they need to get to the school to make it there on time. And instead they need to slow down now which could make them late to work or wherever they need to be.


Mackenzie Umberger: I think that the speed change is unhelpful because it causes more backup during drop off and pick up times which has caused more problems than its fixed.


Trinity Metcalf: I don’t like the speed change I feel like I’m going at snail speed because when your use to going thirty five through that area it’s difficult to realize your speeding and you need to slow down.


Hannah Rolf: I think it’s ok because I believe that they are just trying to keep us safe, by lowering the speed. It protects the students and shows that we are cared for and protected properly.


FS: What was your reaction to the change?


SP: I did not know about the speed change whatsoever until I saw the signs and that was a surprise to me. I’m pretty sure no one knew about it. Especially the students. I think some of the parents may have known but I don’t really think that anyone knew about the speed change.


MU: My reaction to the speed zone was that it was a bit ridiculous but I can definitely see where it was meant to help.


TM: My first reaction to the speed change was surprise then later after driving it for a while I was annoyed because people were going slow when I’m used to going thirtyfive on that road.


HR: My first reaction was that it was dumb and that there was no reason for it, but now I realize that it’s for our safety. It makes me and I’m sure other students feel more comfortable and protected at our school.


  There are two different reactions to the speed change one good and the other semi good. Most parents are happy about the change and wanted it as shown by multiple posts and comments on the Nextdoor app. However the students aren’t as happy about it but they understand the reasoning behind it and wish that they could have had more of a warning. The speed change has helped less accidents to occur and has helped in the morning with the crowding and chaos of everyone trying to get into the school parking lot. So even if the students aren’t happy with it everyone can say the decision was made for the better and it was the right decision to make.