Frederick Volleyball Fall to Mead in a Close Battle

The girls prepared all week to play the mavericks but fall short all three sets

Jordan Anders, Sports Writer

Last week on September 17th our girl’s volleyball team headed over to play the Mead Mavericks. The steaks were high since Mead is ranked top in the state, but our varsity was going in undefeated. The girls went in with high hopes but fell short to the Mavericks in close sets. After the game, we caught up with Senior Gillian Ridgley and Junior Kendal Rivera to get their thoughts on the game and what we can look forward to next.


SCOUT: How did you and your team prepare for the Mead game?

GILLIAN: A couple of my teammates and I went to some of the games at Mead to scout them. We also had film on them from last season that we watched.

KENDAL: We also put in a lot of hard work during practice, but a lot of our preparation is mental.

SCOUT: What was your mindset before the game?

KENDAL: I definitely felt the nerves, but I had my teammates by my side, and that’s when I found the heart to play as hard as I could.

GILLIAN: I was excited, along with my teammates, to play with some real competition.

SCOUT: When you play Mead again later in the season, what are you guys going to do differently or keep the same?

GILLIAN: When we play Mead again, we are going to compete right away. When we were playing them, we got stuck in serve receive and gave them eight points right off the bat.

KENDAL: …We are going to be driven that much harder because we want the win more. We have improvements to make, and we will be putting that much more into practice until we see them again.

Missed the big game at Mead? Catch the girls next game this Thursday at home again Erie. This game is their homecoming game and against our rivals, so make sure you come and support!